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40K Needs Codexes, Total War Warhammer II News, Waterdeep Guide, Critical Role’s Grand Finale

3 Minute Read
Jun 27 2021

Check out the 40K Codexes that need love, an Adventurer’s Guide to Waterdeep, Critical Role Wraps Things up, plus Age of Sigmar, Cosplay, and Boba Fett’s ride.

Warhammer 40K: 5 Codexes That Need To Be On Deck

Warhammer 40,000 has a lot of armies and some of those armies need more help than others in 9th edition.

Cosplay: ‘Valorant’ Showcases Deadly Agent in Riot Games’ New Shooter

The first images of Valorant’s hero Astra are revealed from the awesome partnership between Riot Games and Cutiepie Sensei.

Total War: Warhammer II – New Video Reveals Giant Monsters In Upcoming DLC

With the last DLC on the way a new video reveals at least one more giant monster lurking in the battlelines. Come and take sneak peek at what’s next.

Sylvie & Agent Mobius Get Their Own Marvel Legends Figs

More Marvel shows mean more awesome action figures – this time it’s the mysterious Sylvie.

D&D: Check Out The ‘Critical Role’ Grand Finale And Round Table Wrap Up For Yourself

Did you catch the finale of Critical Role’s Campaign 2? Do you have any burning questions about what went on? Now’s your chance to get some answers.

Age of Sigmar: General’s Handbook 2021 Overview

What’s in the new General’s Handbook 2021? Pretty much exactly what you’d expect.

D&D: Waterdeep – An Adventurer’s Guide

Today we visit the City of Splendors, the Jewel of Faerun, a sprawling fantasy metropolis where the average character level is 12…

Star Wars: There’s No Escaping The Slave I Breakdown

Wily enough to catch even the Millennium Falcon, come and take a gander at the galaxy’s most famous bounty hunter ship–Slave I!


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