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Dark Angel WWE Wrestler, Hellraiser Cosplay, Sandman, Star Wars’ E-Wing

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Oct 17 2021

Check out an amazing Hellraiser cosplay, a WWE Wrestler’s loyalty to the Dark Angels, plus DC’s upcoming Black Adam and Sandman. Then check out the E-Wing.

‘Locke & Key’ is Back– and it Brought a Giant Lobster with Killer Claws

The slasher movie within the show gets its own trailer, and we get a peek at a new character.

Cos-tober: Open the Box and Taste the Pleasures of These Pinhead Cosplays

We have such sights to show you with this celebration of Hellraiser horror!

WWE Wrestler Shayna Baszler Shows Dark Angels Pride in the Ring

Shayna Baszler is a certified badass – her MMA and WWE titles are numerous – and she’s a big Warhammer 40k fan.

Warhammer 40K: Traitor Primarch Role-Call – Bring On The Bad Guys

We’ve got two traitor Primarch models in 40k and who wouldn’t want a couple more? Here’s where the Traitor Primarchs are currently hiding.

‘Black Adam’ Fantastic First Look From Dwayne Johnson

Black Adam has floated in and out of DC Extended Universe news for a few years – we now have a first look at the production.

‘Sandman’– First Look at Gwendoline Christie’s Lucifer

DC Fandome released its first look at Gwendoline Christie’s Lucifer, and she’s giving us the perfect fallen angel vibes.

Star Wars: The Starfighter Built To Replace The X-Wing- The E-Wing Breakdown

The X-Wing is an iconic fighter, but it’s also aging, lets take a look at what the New Republic tried to replace it with.

Warhammer Next Week: New Blood Bowl, Titanicus, And Chibi Advent Calendar

Next week it’s a specialist games spectacular, with new units for Blood Bowl, Adeptus Titanicus, and a special Advent Calendar.


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