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The Cavalry’s Coming- ‘Genshin Impact’ Kaeya Cosplays

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Apr 7 2022

Like the Knights of Favonius, these handsome cosplays are held in high regard.  Here are the best of Kaeya cosplays!

Genshin Impact is a gorgeous game by MiHoYo which has taken the internet by storm. In the year or so since its launch, the action role-playing game has stunned audiences with its gorgeous aesthetics, whimsical music, and charming characters. This week, we’re diving into some Kaeya cosplays.

Kaeya Cosplay by hollowqxween

In the fantasy world of Teyvat, the Traveler is on a perpetual quest to explore distant worlds, before losing their twin on Teyvat. While there, the Traveler becomes enmeshed in Teyvat’s affairs.

Kaeya Cosplay by

Kaeya Alberich is a playable cryo character in Genshin Impact. He is known for his eccentricity and mysterious nature. Kaeya is the Cavalry Captain of the Knights of Favonius who is held in hight regard by the people of Mondstadt.

“In the Knights of Favonius, Kaeya is the most trusted aide for the Acting Grand Master Jean. You can always count on him to solve any intractable problems. Everyone in Mondstadt loves Kaeya, but no one knows what secrets this witty, charming knight has…”

Description from the Official Website
Kaeya Cosplay by Taifu Cosplay

Kaeya is a fascinating cosplay challenge. The character appeals to all genders, with myriad cosplayers depicting him. The glory of anime style characters is how easily androgynous they are, which is most definitely the case with Kaeya. Today’s feature includes cosplayers of all ilks and presentations, which is delightful to see. Remember folks – cosplay is meant to be inclusive, and available to everyone. We hope you enjoy this feature!

Kaeya Cosplay by Katto CosPlay

Kaeya Cosplay by hollowqxween

“Please, allow me to join you on your journey.”

“Guarding you on your journey sounds far more entertaining than any of the usual Favonius stuff.”

“I didn’t know you were such a slacker.”

“Hehe, seems all the other knights already have their hands full.”

“Come on, let’s get moving. We’re not frozen in place, after all.”

“Cryo is always far more effective in the rain.”

“This is going to get interesting…”

“How about a ghost story to go with the snow?”

Kaeya Cosplay by

“What’s wrong? Can’t handle the cold?”

“What a pleasant breeze, I wonder how long it’ll last?”

“Seize the day.”

“Hey, fancy joining me at the tavern for a bit?”

“You’re not scared of the dark, are you? That’s… interesting.”

” Is the Abyss Order causing you trouble? If there’s anything bothering you, you know you can talk to me.”

Kaeya Cosplay by Katto CosPlay

“If you ever need me, let me know. Let’s not make this a transaction relationship.”

“Oh? Well, if you’re concerned about keeping things professional… maybe you can find more use for me on the front lines. How ’bout it boss? Haha, just don’t feel intimidated by what I can do.”

Kaeya Cosplay by Taifu Cosplay

“Do you drink wine? Dandelion wine has a unique body to it. Oh, you’re underage? You should try Mondstadt’s apple cider vinegar. I know just the place.”

“Have you ever seen the owl of Dragonspine? If you look directly at it, it seems to see right through you, while letting go of none of its own secrets… Quite fascinating, don’t you think?”

“I didn’t realize we’d known each other for so long now. Time flies! You know, following you on your journey might just be the most fun I’ve had in my whole life. I hope it stays that way.”

“Khaenri’ah, huh? You sure know a lot! The legacy of Khaenri’ah is long gone, the sinners are all that’s left, and they’re not worth mentioning.”

“My eye? My eye is fine. There’s nothing unusual about hiding one’s body parts from view. It’s the same reason I wear pants… or any other item of clothing, for that matter.”

“Leaving already? See you next time then, don’t make me wait too long though.”

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Author: Jennifer Larsen
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