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Warhammer 40k Cosplay Fantasies

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Sep 19 2022
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So many cosplays, so little time. How does a Cosplay Editor choose which Aeldari cosplay to create?

Since I joined the BoLS fam in 2017, I’ve spent my time learning about the magical world of Warhammer 40k. Warhammer 40k holds a lot of inspiration for me. Its gorgeous setting and harrowing stories of a fight for the survival of a dying race are new but familiar. These stories are such an integral part of the BoLS wheelhouse. Aeldari cosplays are amazing, and I am THIRSTING to bring a Warhammer 40k cosplay to life! (See what I did there?)

As a Cosplayer and model, I cannot help daydreaming about the gorgeous imaging and artistic rendering of the 40k characters. Daydreams lead to designing future projects for them in my head. This is a world full of textures, fantasy, and imagination, which is so much the center of the Cosplay world. I recently started compiling a list of many deities and characters that I would love to design cosplay pieces for. Today we will take a moment to explore a few of my favorites.

Jain Zar Cosplay: The Storm of Silence

Jain Zar is absolutely at the top of my list. I read the Gav Thorpe Jain Zar- Storm of Silence book when it came out, and I was hooked. She’s powerful, chaotic, and cares deeply for her people. Her armor is stunning, and I’m actively pretending like her helmet and MASSIVE hair wouldn’t be a physical impossibility. I WILL cosplay as her one day… But perhaps I’ll start “small” with a Howling Banshee Exarch first.

The Yncarne Cosplay: Avatar of Ynnead

Talk about Drama. I have already written about my desire to create Yvraine as a future cosplay. This one also appeals greatly to my sense of fantasy drama. The textures of the body suit, and the glowing blue aether could easily be created with flowing fabrics to swirl. The gorgeous horn and headdress… This project would be RIDICULOUSLY complicated, textured, and FUN.

This characterization reminds me of a cross between the Final Fantasy Unicorn and a Shiva. Both are gorgeous and inspiring. Since the character is inherently androgynous, figuring out how to get the movement and power correct would be an interesting challenge. The elegance of a fashion runway piece, but the strength and imposing nature which is much more masculine in nature. Fascinating!


Sylandri Veilwalker Cosplay: Harlequin Veilwalker

The Harlequins hold a great deal of fascination for me. I am drawn to the lore behind the commedia dell’arte. Warhammer 40k holds an homage to that glorious piece of history, which is amazing. I became instantly obsessed. I decided that in a dream world, the Harlequins and Ynnari would be my army of choice for playing 40k. That being said, it is natural that I was drawn to this particular character.

Sylandri has the ability to influence those around her into action. She subtly and sneakily incites events that would change the course of history. Her colors and fabrics are vibrant, and her warrior belt is particularly gorgeous. Her claw armor would be a fantastic accessory to create. This would be a character that could easily be taken to conventions, it’s not constricting or hard to move in. With the face covered, makeup would not be necessary!

Slaanesh Cosplay: god/dess? of Pain, Pleasure, Perfection, and Hedonism

First off, WOW. This character has some serious nuance to her. She Who Thirsts is rendered in many different ways. I believe that this particular version would lend itself easily to Cosplay. This character is something that would be done for a highly stylized studio photo shoot. I would enlist the skills of a fantastic body paint/special effects artist to accomplish it. Her gorgeous flowing hair and fantastic headpiece would be so much fun to create.


I love her regal, seductive pose in this image. Plus, the glowing eyes would be a delightful challenge to accomplish. And those CLAWS!!! She very much reminds me of the Dragonlance goddess of all Evil, Takhisis. I imagine Slaanesh would feel like attempting to embody a snake. It’s smooth and flowy at times, and then quick moments of violence.

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Author: Jennifer Larsen
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