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Cosplay: Red Sonja Charges to Victory

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Mar 8 2023
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The Day of the Sword is upon us! Lets check out the fierce sword and sorcery heroics of classic Red Sonja cosplays!

The 1980s was the heady heyday of the Sword and Sorcery genre. Giants like The Beastmaster, Hawk the Slayer, Conan the Barbarian, Krull, Dragonslayer, and others graced the pages of comics and the big screen in tales of epic fantasy. One of the greatest among these is the fierce sword-wielding maven Red Sonja, created by writer Roy Thomas and artist Barry Windsor-Smith for Marvel Comics in 1973.

Red Sonja has undertaken many iterations over the years, starting with the Robert E. Howard stories and then into comics, and eventually onto the silver screen portrayed by the stunning Brigette Nielsen in the title role. Strong independent female characters with agency were few and far between in the genre, so seeing a leading lady hold her own and shape the world around her was a very refreshing change. (Can we have a talk about the chaffing issues that are caused by leather strapping and chain mail on bare skin for a moment PLEASE?!).

This week we’re paying tribute to the newest generation of Red Sonja adaptation. We have Red Sonja cosplays ripped right off the comic book pages! It takes a ton of confidence (and bra support) to depict the red-headed heroine. We’re paying tribute to these gorgeous recreations!

Red Sonja Cosplay by Tatiana Neva

“No man may have me, unless he’s beaten me in a fair fight.”-Red Sonja

“I don’t need eyes to find you, I can smell you at a hundred paces!”-Red Sonja

If danger is a trade, I’ll learn it by myself.”-Red Sonja


Red Sonja Cosplay by The Crystal Wolf

“No “king” summons Sonja, children. And your radiant ladyship isn’t quite herself at the moment. Run along please.”-Red Sonja

Stand and fight, you dogs from some southern Hell — or else crawl back into the Hell-hole that opened up and spat you out!”-Red Sonja

Red Sonja Cosplay by It’s Raining Neon

Let’s show the gutless pigs how the warriors of Pah-Dishah can fight! By Tarim, we’ll give the devils scarlet wine to drink this dawn… or my name is not Red Sonja!”-Red Sonja

“We are not rivals — save in your eyes. Conan has been my friend — my comrade — even my foeman at times — but neither he nor any man has been my lover!”-Red Sonja

Red Sonya Cosplay by Rosanna Rocha

 “No half-baked Hellhorde slays Red Sonja!

No man touches Red Sonja! Death to the Man-Spider!”-Red Sonja

“Gath’s men slaughtered my family before my eyes and stole my innocence! But on that day, I was blessed by a goddess to exact revenge… against such evil as yourself, demon, and all that serve Gath!”-Red Sonja


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Author: Jennifer Larsen
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