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This Star Wars Bo Katan Cosplay is Searching for the Darksaber

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Dec 15 2023

Her Bo Katan cosplay is out of this world, and so are the exciting projects on her worktable!

The DragonCon 2023 cosplay competition introduced us to some sensational new cosplay talents. Whether it was a video game or anime, a fighting cosplay, or a magical crystal ball, the contestants truly blasted the competition.

Bo Katan cosplay with permission by AlmostCrazyCosplay

For those not paying attention, DragonCon is one of the hottest cosplay events of the year. Cosplayers and nerd-friends alike plan their yearly calendars around this pilgrimage to celebrate everything pop culture. The caliber of cosplayers who compete in their yearly showcase pushes the bar high for construction, imagination, and pure creative genius.

At DragonCon 2023, we met a cosplayer rocking an incredible Alexstrasza cosplay that stopped us in our tracks. After meeting AlmostCrazyCosplay and looking through her impressive cosplay projects, we’ve got some behind-the-scenes action for you!


Bo Katan Cosplayer Interview with AlmostCrazyCosplay

Alexstrasza cosplay with permission by AlmostCrazyCosplay

What was your first cosplay? Where did you wear it, and how did you choose that character?

My first cosplay was a Ranger of the North from The Hobbit/LotR. I based her on the main character in my Hobbit fanfiction. I wore it to DragonCon in 2017. 

Which other cosplayers inspire you?

I love seeing the cosplays JediManda, Asta Darling, and Kamui Cosplay create. They’re all so talented, and their creations are amazing.

A League of Their Own cosplay with permission by AlmostCrazyCosplay


What is your strongest construction skill?

I’m definitely better at the sewing part of cosplay, but I really enjoy the finishing process of armor and props (detailing, painting, weathering). I think those steps really help bring a prop to life.

What construction materials still give you a hard time?

Everything still gives me trouble! 😂 I’ll have bad days seeing where I have to seam rip everything, and I’ll have days where I glue EVA foam in the wrong place or my 3D printer doesn’t want to print. 

Evelyn from The Mummy cosplay with permission by AlmostCrazyCosplay

Do you have any favorite memories from your time spent cosplaying?

Between DragonCon and trooping with the 501st/Rebel Legion, I’ve made lots of memories. The one that stands out is from DragonCon 2022. I was wearing my Anastasia (finally and after almost passing out from the heat and missing the Friday Night Costume Contest)!

These two adorable little girls dressed as princesses were coming up the escalator. They saw me and started squealing about seeing a “real princess.” They gave me hugs, and I got a picture with them. It was adorable and put a huge smile on my face. 

Anastasia cosplay with permission by AlmostCrazyCosplay

What’s the funniest/most disastrous cosplay malfunction you’ve ever experienced/survived?

I don’t think I’ve ever had anything “major” mess-up (so far!). I’ve had various little things fall off or just not work right, wigs giving headaches, hems stepped on. I hope I haven’t jinxed myself. My father-in-law threw away my pattern for my Rainbow Brite arms, so I had to try and create one … it wasn’t great. 😂

What is the biggest cosplay on your Bucket List?

I’ve started Rose’s boarding dress from Titanic and the Ever After “Breathe” dress. I plan on having them both at DragonCon 2024.

Star Wars cosplay with permission by AlmostCrazyCosplay

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Author: Jennifer Larsen
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