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These ‘Genshin Impact’ Cosplay Heroes Welcome a Savior from Another World

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Mar 8 2024
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As Horizon Zero Dawn‘s Aloy steps onto the scene, let’s celebrate the gorgeous art of Genshin Impact cosplay!

MiHoYo has a marvel on its hands with 2020’s groundbreaking video game Genshin Impact. Colorful, dynamic, and charming, this game has it all and is free to play! With its stunning character dynamics and cinematic storytelling, the game has quickly risen to stardom in the video game lovers community.

This game has captured the hearts of cosplayers around the globe. With upcoming partnerships between other game companies and characters, we were very excited to see the partnership between MiHoYo and Guerilla Games—Horizon Zero Dawn‘s Aloy came to Genshin Impact!

Into the Chibi-Verse

Aloy was given the Chibi treatment and is a very exclusive featured character in the world of Genshin Impact. It is exciting to see the partnership between these studios, which shows that Horizon Zero Dawn will continue to be a major player in the video game world for a long time.

As fans of these properties, seeing game worlds mix and meld is an exciting time. Having my favorite character, Aloy, brought into the Genshin Impact world means that its fans will experience something I’m passionate about. It’s a gorgeous exchange of video game culture!

We have been celebrating the wide array of gorgeous Aloy cosplays for a long time now and are excited to see future crossover possibilities with Genshin Impact (and other games like Fortnite, where Aloy is featured). There are a myriad of cosplays floating about from the game, and today, we will celebrate some gorgeous works of art with these Genshin Impact Cosplays.

Jean Cosplay by HendoArt

HendoArt has captured a whimsical quality with these images. The lighting is soft and ethereal, and her use of makeup and color adds a softness that looks like a fantasy novel cover.

“I am Jean, the Dandelion Knight, requesting approval to join your party. From this day onwards, my honor and loyalty lie with you.” -Jean

“You have my complete and full support. Of course, if your path ever deviates from justice, I will not hesitate to point it out.” -Jean

“For Mondstadt, as always” is the Gunnhildr family motto. Every time I use my Vision, I am reminded of my mother and the hopes of the people of Mondstadt. For Mondstadt, for freedom — that is what I fight for.” -Jean

Bennet cosplay by Rose Magpie Cosplay

Genderfluid cosplayer RoseMagpie has an uncanny ability to transform for cosplay. She plays both male and female characters flawlessly, and this Bennett cosplay takes the cake. It’s cute, charming, and adorably mischievous.

“This is your team? Cool… I like the vibe. I’m Bennett, leader of Benny’s Adventure Team. Any chance we can team up? Please?” -Bennett

“No-one’s joined me on an adventure in ages. C’mon, let’s go!” -Bennett

“”Good things come to those who don’t wait around!” That’s what they say, anyway. Knowing my luck, the opposite is probably true for me…” -Bennett


“It always rains when I go on an adventure.” -Bennett

“Hey, wanna go talk to my dads for a bit? They tell the best adventure stories!” -Bennett

med up with me now. It’s ’cause we’re the same, you and I – we both like that adrenaline rush you get from being in dangerous situations. That’s what makes adventuring so addictive!” -Bennett

“Getting recognized by the gods was the last thing I expected, seeing as how I’m so unlucky all the time. But if the gods haven’t given up on me, I guess that means I shouldn’t give up on me either.” -Bennett

Ganyu Genshin Impact Cosplay by KateKey Cosplay

KateKey brings the sassy, sultry side of cosplay to life with her projects, and these ones are no exception. She uses strong colors and strong camera angles to showcase the dynamic range, which brings these cosplays to life.

“If you lie on the grass, you can feel the heartbeat of the world.” -Ganyu
Ganyu Cosplay by KateKey Cosplay

” It is something of a luxury, but I love listening to the rain from the courtyard.” -Ganyu
Genshin Impact Cosplay by KateKey Cosplay

“May Rex Lapis watch over you. May your dreams be peaceful and sweet.” -Ganyu
Ganyu Cosplay by KateKey Cosplay

” I am Astrologist Mona Megistus, meaning “The Great Astrologist Mona.” If it is divination you seek from me, then I ask you to respect my name by learning it wholly, here and now.” -Mona
Genshin Impact Cosplay by KateKey Cosplay

“Divination is about precisely foretelling one’s written destiny. Over-embellishing that fate only leads to misconception.” -Mona
Cosplay by KateKey Cosplay

“Astrologers must rid themselves of material desires. Only by ridding oneself of clutter can one see the true world around them.” -Mona
Cosplay by KateKey Cosplay

Genshin Impact Rosaria Cosplay by Okamiisaya Cosplay

Okamiisaya specializes in the dynamic anime style of cosplay. With wigs styled to perfection and almost cartoonish proportions created by strategic camera angles, she brings a mysterious quality to Rosaria that is gorgeous.

“Listen, disciple, if you’ve got a problem you can’t handle, then I’m the one for the job. But if you’re looking for prayer, you’d better find some other Sister …Huh? You’re not a disciple?” -Rosaria
Genshin Impact Cosplay by Okamiisaya Cosplay

“I’d say I sleep even better in the afternoon sun. You should try it sometime.” -Rosaria
Genshin Impact Rosaria Cosplay by Okamiisaya Cosplay

“Perhaps a god has the power to protect everyone if they would choose to do so, but that would never happen. Otherwise, people’s suffering couldn’t ever be taken seriously.” -Rosaria
Genshin Impact Cosplay by Okamiisaya Cosplay

~Join us next week for more cosplay coverage~

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Author: Jennifer Larsen
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