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Hordes: Skorne Exigence Preview

muffinman 5 Minute Read November 17

Exigence is finally here, and once again Skorne got some sweet releases! Take a look! Let’s go through a quick rundown of what Skorne players can be looking forward to as the releases from this book trickle in. Warlock: Xerxis2 Let’s be honest here. Xerxis is riding a giant armored Rhino. He would have seen […]

Skorne: Mastering Tyrant Zaadesh

muffinman 8 Minute Read August 25

The wave of lesser warlocks and warcasters continues! How does Tyrant Zaadesh stack up against the others, and does he bring new options to the Skorne Empire? Generally, the batch of character journeyman warcasters has been much better received then the lesser warlocks so far. There are a few reasons for that. First of all, […]

Skorne: Here Comes Despoiler!

muffinman 8 Minute Read April 21

It’s been a long time in coming, but we’re finally seeing the last few models from Gargantuans on the tables. Today we’ll look at Skorne’s latest model, the Despoiler. The Despoiler was one of the big surprises in Gargantuans. For many releases, we pretty much know what all is in a book before the book […]

Hordes: Making Arcuarii Work

muffinman 6 Minute Read September 3

One of the less popular Skorne units recently got re-released in plastic, making this a good opportunity to take a look at making a less popular unit work on the table. If you’ve been following BoLS Warmachine articles you’ve probably seen my reviews on the other two Cataphract units (if you missed them, they’re Here […]

Warmachine: Lock and Load Wrap-up

muffinman 4 Minute Read June 5

Lock and Load was a blast this past weekend. With 6 tournaments, tons of seminars, painting contests and a huge Iron Arena, Lock and Load is one of the best Warmachine conventions in the country. Let’s look at some of what we saw over the weekend.For the competitive players out there, let’s talk about what […]

Skorne: Building The Mammoth

muffinman 8 Minute Read May 27

Skorne’s Gargantuan hit the tables this month! For part 3 of my ongoing series on the Mammoth, I want to talk about building and painting this massive model. Hey BoLS fans, this is Muffinman again with more on my favorite new model, the Mammoth. From the feedback I got on my last article, it sounds like some people […]

Skorne: Intro to The Mammoth

muffinman 8 Minute Read May 20

The Mammoth is finally out. After a long wait, the final Gargantuan was finally released last month. This time it looks like PP saved the best for last. This article will take a look at the Mammoth and how to best leverage the biggest beast in our stable. Overview I’ll just say it up front, […]

Hordes: Unboxing the Mammoth

muffinman 3 Minute Read May 10

BOOM – BOOM – BOOM!!! Take a look at the highly anticipated Gargantuan release for Skorne: the Mammoth!  This will be my first attempt at an unboxing article. As you probably know from my previous articles and comments made by Caldera in his posts, I’ve been very excited about this model’s release. I couldn’t wait […]

Skorne: Makeda and the Exalted Court Review

muffinman 14 Minute Read May 6

Today we continue to give examine the releases from Gargantuans. This time we take a look at Skorne’s brand new Warlock Unit It’s no secret that Skorne got a lot of neat things in Gargantuans. Obviously the Mammoth was a huge success, but in most releases the biggest changes for a faction come with their […]

Skorne: Cataphract Cetrati Unit Review

muffinman 7 Minute Read April 24

In the continuing trend of re-sculpting medium-based infantry in plastic, Privateer Press recently re-released the Cataphract Cetrati. Cetrati have always been pretty decent, but often weren’t seen on the table outside of a couple of very specific lists. I believe this may have had more to do with the models than their rules, as Cetrati are very […]

Skorne: Now with More Firepower

muffinman 9 Minute Read April 18

 Starting off our in-depth model reviews for the new Gargantuans book, today I am going to talk a bit about the new Skorne unit, the Cataphract Incindiarii. Skorne isn’t known for their shooting game. Before the last 2 releases, I would just laugh when my opponent would ask what shooting I had in my army. […]

Gargantuans: Skorne Initial Thoughts

muffinman 9 Minute Read March 20

 Looks like Christmas came early this year! Legion got the Sleigh, and Skorne got the presents.  Gargantuans came out this week, and with it a bunch of new goodies for all of the Hordes factions. Flipping through the new entries, it looks like everyone got some really useful new models. Of course, as a Skorne […]