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Dr. Z’s 40k: Over/Under

Doctor Z here from Doctor Z’s Laboratory, This week I want to try something a little bit different, let’s play over/under with 40K’s hotbutton issues. I’ve always loved guessing the over/under lines for teams win/lose records before the start of the NFL season. So I thought this year I’d apply it to 40k.  For those […]

Dr. Z’s 40k: Are Marines Secretly The Best Army?

Doctor Z here from Doctor Z’s Laboratory,This week I ask the question – Are Codex Marines always the best meta list? Every year I seem to take a subconscious step back from the hobby around this time of year. Maybe it’s the distraction of Christmas, maybe it’s the plethora of sports viewing options, or maybe […]

Dr. Z’s Mailbag (Special Holiday Celebrity Edition)

 This month’s mail bag will be made up mostly of questions not posed to me by this hobbies wide ranging cast of bloggers, podcasters, and generally good looking guys. Without further adieu and presented to you in red and green for your (nondenominational) holiday enjoyment, real questions from real people who didn’t ask them. Reece […]

Dr. Z’s 40K: Don’t Forget to Love the Game

Next time you play a game of Warhammer don’t forget to bring the fun. As it turns out it’s actually kind of important. Doctor Z here from Doctor Z’s Laboratory We as players or fans of any given game often spend as much time complaining about the subject of our adoration as we do about why […]

Dr. Z’s 40K: So Your Codex Sucks…

If your Codex isn’t the best right now than good.  It turns out that’s not such a bad thing? You just need to learn to take the punch.Doctor Z here from Doctor Z’s Laboratory For the last 6 months or so there has been a thought growing in the back of my mind about the true […]

Dr. Z’s 40k: A Misunderstood Evil Part 3

This time let’s look at some army lists.  Evil, fast, pointy, wicked army lists from the heart of Comorragh! Doctor Z here from Doctor Z’s Laboratory with the third part of my Dark Eldar coverage. I’ve gotten a lot of feedback on the previous 2 parts of my A Misunderstood Evil series and I’d like […]

Dr. Z’s 40k: The Misfit Toys of the Grimdark

Doctor Z’s Laboratory is back today to take a look at some units we WISH were good but just make us really sad. Do you remember when you first started playing 40k? Remember that first model or unit that you just loved? Maybe it was the fluff, maybe a huge number on its stat line, or […]

40K: Welcome to Dr. Z’s Mailbag

Doctor Z here from Doctor Z’s Labratory. It’s mail bag time when I answer all of your burning 40k questions about the  hobby! Okay, since none of you bothered to write me questions for my mailbag I had to use the very real ones I got from the grim dark of the far future. Ted […]

Dr. Z’s 40k: A Misunderstood Evil Part 2

Doctor Z here from Doctor Z’s Laboratory with the second part of my Dark Eldar coverage. Today we take a look at some of the more interesting entries in the new Dark Eldar Codex. In part one of this column I discussed a few of my opinions as to how Dark Eldar where different from […]