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Mark Mercer

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Malifaux: Lady Justice Tactics

Mark Mercer 4 Minute Read August 5

Today Mercer here to talk about one of my favourite ginger melee machines; Lady Justice! Yo, Mercer here from Imperius Dominatus here, whoops that’s an old habit I mean Malifaux Record.  I’ve hung up my 40k boots for one reason for another and now get my kicks from some gothic steampunk cowboy action in Malifaux […]

Malifaux – Guide to The Guild’s Judgement

Mark Mercer 4 Minute Read May 1

Mercer from Imperius Dominatus has ventured from the darkness and into the breach – Hello Malifaux! I thought I’d getting myself back in blog posting shape and start hitting out malifaux posts. I’ve taken a back seat from 40k recently and I’ve sold a lot of my stuff. Malifaux has taken over as my main miniatures games. […]

40k: Bikes – The ONLY Way to Run Space Marines?

Mark Mercer 7 Minute Read September 27

“Get your motor runnin’ – Head out on the highway – Looking for adventure – In whatever comes our way” Since playing xeno forces I have found Imperial forces to be restrictive. I had actually noticed this a long time ago with Space Marines, when back in 5th ed if you moved you could only fire 12″ […]

40k: Eldar Wraithknight – Yay or Nay?

Mark Mercer 5 Minute Read September 5

The Wraithknight is certainly an impressive and imposing Eldar model – but is it worth the cost? For quite some time I (Mercer from Imperius Dominatus) have been thinking about getting a Wraithknight; two in fact. I think this is because I think they are cool models and because I am using Iyanden the fluff bunny […]

40k: X vs Y – Eldar Vyper vs Warp Spiders

Mark Mercer 6 Minute Read August 29

I’m looking for some fast, hard hitting and flexible firepower that wont cost my Craftworld army a ton of points.  It’s time for an X vs Y! Before moving on, standard cheeky pimpage, an article brought to you by Imperius Dominatus Currently in my Eldar list I am running two Vypers kitted out with dual shuri […]

40k:Codex Builds to Watch Out For

Mark Mercer 7 Minute Read August 15

6th Edition keeps cruising along, but we keep passing the same army arch-types again and again and again… What gives?At the current time of writing this post there are five 6th ed codices; Chaos Space Marines, Dark Angels, Chaos Daemons, Tau and Eldar – Eldar is the newest book on the block. Soon Space Marines […]

40k: The Top Eldar Units

Mark Mercer 9 Minute Read August 1

Hey 40k go’ers, Mercer from Imperius Dominatus here. There’s some nice units in the Eldar codex, but what is hot and what’s not?  I’ve been dabbling with the Eldar codex since it came out, while I’ve come up with a list more or less like my previous one, there’s some cracking units to choose from. The Eldar codex […]

40k: X vs Y – Eldar Guardians vs Dire Avengers

Mark Mercer 8 Minute Read July 18

If you are doing the Wave Serpent spam then there’s a choice of two troop units you would consider; Guardians or Dire Avengers. You get more Guardians for more points but Avengers bring quality over quantity. Mercer from Imperius Dominatus, I am going to take a deeper look into this.  Guardians Guardians cost a cheapo 9 […]

40k: 10 Things You Should Know About 6th Ed. Codices

Mark Mercer 7 Minute Read July 4

Just over a year ago I wrote this article: 10 things you should know about 40k codex. Recently someone said what a great article it was and it would be great if I could do one on sixth edition codices, so here we go! Mercer from Imperius Dominatus bringing you an article on  the top 10 things […]

40k: Eldar Codex Review – HQ

Mark Mercer 8 Minute Read June 30

Mercer from Imperius Dominatus here. I am pretty excited about the new Eldar codex, there appears to be some great things in it. Kicking off with the Eldar codex review is the HQ, lets see what tasty little leader space elves we have: Avatar of Khaine The Avatar has increased in points, though is now BS10, gained […]

40k: X vs Y – Eldar Wraithguard vs Fire Dragons

Mark Mercer 8 Minute Read June 23

I have been looking at Wraithguard in the new Eldar codex and really fancy using them. Fire Dragons offer almost the same thing for a fair bit cheaper. Choices, choices. Here’s an X vs Y from Imperius Dominatus Wraithguard Wraithguard come in a unit of 5 and cost 160 points. For that you get a Space […]

40k: My First Impressions of Eldar

Mark Mercer 5 Minute Read June 13

Mercer from Imperius Dominatus here. I got my first game in against Eldar last night, nice to see what the Space Elves can do, even though I got my ass whipped in the process.I have also now got the codex and had a quick skim. I’ll do a quick first impression which maybe will be useful for […]

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