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40K HOBBY: Da Ork Kopta Karrier

Behold Da Kopta Karrier – an example of how my earlier tutorials and guides on Bell of Lost Souls could be used to produce a monster… It’s been a while since I’ve done an article for Bell of Lost Souls and I thought it was about time rectified this. After a couple of articles devoted […]

HOBBY: Blessings of the Plaguefather

Here is a guide showing how I went about painting the new Plaguebearers and Nurglings using a simple scheme and easy techniques. Simply put I don’t like painting. Really don’t like it. I find it frustrating, tedious and a whole lot of other things using words that can’t be used on BoLS. I also though […]

HOBBY: Further Steps into 3D Printing

A follow up to my earlier article where I took my first steps into the world of 3D printing. Here I continue that journey with a more involved project. The article will show the process from the initial 3D model, to 3D print, to cast pieces assembled into the final model. Some may remember my […]

Hobby: My First Tentative Steps into 3D Printing

Lets take a look at the world of 3D Printing as I use the process for the first time. The article will show the process from the initial 3D model, to 3D print, to cast pieces.A number of years ago I built an Earthshaker gun emplacement. I quite liked how it turned out but alas […]

40K HOBBY: Lootin’ a Warmachine

Lootin’ a Shadowsword – lets take a look at how how ‘Da Choppa’ was built. For my second article on Lootin my aim was to do a detailed step-by-step guide on looting a tank but unfortunately since Games Day I have been ill and unable to make a start. So I thought in the meantime […]

40K: HOBBY: One Meks Guide to Lootin’

Every Mekaniak, from the lowliest Spanna Boy to the biggest of Big Meks, has his own particular way of looting. Here I will discuss how I go about turning Imperial tanks into rides fit for an Armoured Krumpany. When I loot a tank I have a number of loose guidelines which I work to. These […]