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BattleMechs And Cyberpunks: A History Of FASA

J.R. Zambrano 15 Minute Read December 23

From the Final Frontier to the Inner Sphere, with a stop in the Shadows along the way, here’s a look at the history of FASA, one of gaming’s greats. Forged in the fires of 1980, FASA is a company that you either associate with Battletech, Shadowrun, or possibly both. But with a fantasy setting, a […]

How FASA Came Crashing Down – Prime

J.R. Zambrano 14 Minute Read July 29

FASA went from publishing Traveller games to dominating the Mech market–but what happened to them? Here’s a look at their highs and ultimate lows. What Happens When The Shadows Fall. FASA is a legendary publisher in the tabletop RPG industry, forged in the fire of the 1980s. From their initial work on Traveller to their licensing […]