40K Next TWO Codexes, GIANT Spaceship, Starfinder & More

Guess what TWO codexes arrive next week? Plus the biggest “mini” you can ever buy, RPG Privateer and Game of Thrones minis latest.

GW Confirms Codexes, Chaos and Grey Knights Next Week

GW confirms that Chaos Space Marines and Grey Knights are coming next week.

Hawk: 3 Meter Long UCMS Avenger is for Sale

Own a piece of Dropzone Commander history…

Why Tournaments Matter

With the BAO in full swing, new rules changes and lists are reshaping “the meta.” Here’s why that’s important.

Privateer Press: First look at No Quarter Prime

Take a look inside the covers of the inaugural No Quarter Prime.

GW: New Releases July 29th “Pricing & Links”

Games Workshop has a couple of new Primaris Heroes, the Repulsor and some new books to check out this week!

Starfinder’s First Adventure Path Arrives

Starfinder begins–see the Adventure Path, prepare for the imminent release of Starfinder!

White Dwarf: More Primaris Inbound

More Primaris Units are on the way in August – The “missing” kits have been spotted!

CMON: Song of Ice & Fire KS Funded in 24 Hours

CMON has another smash-hit on Kickstarter. Who would have thought A Song of Ice & Fire aka Game of Thrones would be popular.

40K: Chaos Marines New Model Wish List

Codex Chaos Space Marines looks like it’s up next – but what else is coming with the book?

40K: Codex Chaos Space Marines iTunes Pics

The CSM codex has been spotted on iTunes and there are some tasty pics and details to see.


~Ok, you’re all caught up, now onto the new week!

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