Custodes Codex Review, New Minis, Warmachine, Pathfinder & More!

It’s been busy weekend everybody, we have Codex Adeptus Custodes and are talking all about it! Get in here.

First of all, this is Adeptus Custodes Week, so tune into Twitch this week for Adeptus Custodes games.  Ok, onto the weekend’s news:

40K: The Army List of the Custodes

It’s time to dive into the Codex of the Adeptus Custodes!

Mantic: Price Shifts In The Future

Mantic has a new announcement about it’s pricing moving forward.

40K: Adeptus Custodes Warlord Traits & Relics

Games Workshop’s final preview of the Adeptus Custodes codex is here!

Pathfinder: Venture Beyond the Veiled Past

The Ruins of Azlant come to their thrilling climax in this final installment of the six-part Adventure Path. Ancient wars, unstable magic, and more await.

GW: Pre-Orders January 20 “Pricing & Links”

The Custodes are here this weekend for your Pre-Order convenience!

PP: New Releases – Trolls, Gators, and Blindwater Boxes

Okay really there’s just one Blindwater Box, but, you can pick up as many of that as you want. Probably just one though. Get those gators!

40K: Custodes Relics, Stratagems, and Traits

Join the BoLS Crew as we run through the traits, stratagems, and relics of the Adeptus Custodes.

New Skeletons from Neptune Studios have Plenty of Character

Get an exclusive preview of the first stretch goal model here on BoLS!

40K: Next Week on 40K – Jetbikes, Wardens, and 1k Sons

Check out what’s coming next week for 40K–Custodes, Thousand Sons, and more!

~Ok, onto Custodes Week!

  • Nyyppä

    The jetbikes are interesting provided they are not ridiculously expensive.

    • Pl4gu3 B4st4rd

      Wanna bet ?

      • Nyyppä

        I’m sure they are forge world ridiculous.

  • John John Slade

    You know? I think the Author gonna make alliance between Custodes and Xenos. I wonder who could it be?