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40K: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly – New Xenos Codex Edition

The last batch of Xenos Codexes have dropped by our studio and we’ve finally gotten a look at how this new class stacks up. There have been some clear winners and losers along the way and we’re going to give our initial impressions on this latest codex wave.

40K Deep Thought: Detachments, Deepstrikes & HQ Limits

After the big meta shift from LVO 2018 to Adepticon 2018 folks have been pointing the finger at different culprits. “Flyrants are the problem!” or “No, it’s the Deepstrike/Alpha-strike problem” – but what if it’s an issue with something much deeper in 8th Ed Warhammer 40,000?

D&D: Starting A Sorcerer – Spells, Spells, And More Spells

Sorcerers are an interesting paradox–they have a limited spell selection, especially compared to Wizards. But within that narrow band they have much more flexibility.

40K: Armies Don’t Determine The Meta

What really determines the tournament meta armies or the mission?

Dark Eldar: Can THE Glass Cannons Flourish in 8th Edition?

The new Drukhari sound amazing, but can they hold up to the cruel math of 8th Edition?

Tabletop Deep Thought: How Many Games & Minis Are Never Used?

I’ve been doing some polls of gamers and came to a shocking conclusion that a giant amount of the industry’s games are NEVER used!

40K: To Make Games Finish – Make Them Smaller

Slow play is a common topic, yet there is one simple fix that no one is talking about.

Monopoly Plays Pretty Fast…. If You Actually Play By The Rules

Monopoly is renowned for many things, not the least of which is that the game takes forever to complete. Turns out, it’s not supposed to.

Goatboy’s 40k: We Wait With Pre-FAQ Bated Breathe

The semi-annual 40K FAQ is imminent, but here’s what Adepticon taught us about the 40K Meta.

D&D: Fireball Through the Ages

Today we take a look at one of the most iconic D&D spells throughout the ages.

Pimpcron: Our Demands For Plastic Sisters of Battle

Now that GW is listening, it’s our time to lay it all out for them.

40K Op-ed: What Plastic Sisters Might Really Mean

The shocking announcement that plastic Sisters of Battle are coming might mean more things than one.

What's New