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P3 Painting – Guardians of the Crucible and Satyxis Scarlets

Get ready to get painting with these tutorial videos. We’ve got one to help finish the details on your Satyxis solos, and another paint-along that takes you through a swath of Crucible Guard.

New Skullbots from MaxMini are Here to Serve You

  Need an extra eye on the battlefield, a bodyguard to watch your back or something to make you tea just the way you like it? These Skullbots are here to serve.

GW: New Pre-Orders Deepkin Wave 2 “Pricing & Links”

The next wave of the Idoneth Deepkin are making a splash – Pre-orders for wave 2 are live now. Come see what heading your way!

Tabletop Gallery “Best of the Best”

“When the Imperium needs to make a point – they send in The ‘A’ Team. The Adeptus Team!”

Tabletop Gallery – We’re Ready for Our New Codex

You’ll certainly see these Knights coming… but it won’t help you.

40K: Models For Whom The Bell Tolls

The Bell of Lost Souls tolls once again for some of the great heroes of the galaxy, soon to be put out to pasture. Join us in paying tribute to these champions, relegated to narrative and open play, but not forgotten.

Outside the Box – April 20th

It’s time for a new issue of Outside the Box! This week with news from Raging Heroes, Infinity, Mantic Games, Perry Miniatures and much more – Enjoy! 

Khador’s New Battle Engine Chariots Up for Pre-Order

  BAM-BAM-BAM! Khador’s new pair of gun-toting battle engines is here. Take a look at the latest cold-blooded killers in Warmachine!

Tabletop Gallery – Pretty Pretty Pink Nids

I bet they smell like bubblegum – poisonous xenos bubblegum

Hordes: Baldur the Stonecleaver Does More than Play with His Rocks

baldur image

  Let’s go on a deep dive and talk about Circle’s most dependable, versatile caster that you aren’t using. Want to start playing Circle Orboros? Need a caster for your next Steamroller? Look no further than Baldur1.

Tabletop Gallery – Custodes Bling Goes Up to 11

I bet they make Servo Skulls wax it.

AoS: Idoneth Deepkin Deep Dive & More

The Idoneth Deepkin are a brand new faction to the game of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. It’s an exciting addition and we’re taking a look at what makes them tick with a new Deep Dive into the Lore, Rules, and Units of these new Ethersea Aelves!

What's New