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Necromunda: Gang War III – The Van Saars Arrive

We’re going to take a brief look at the new Gang War III Necromunda Supplement! If you want to play Van Saars in Necromunda, you’re definately going to want to pick this one up. Come take a look inside the book with us.

40K: Codex Necrons – A Review In 10 Parts

Codex Necrons brings an ancient evil back to the galaxy–but how does the Codex stack up? Here’s our take.

Codex Necrons Rules Deep Dive

Come see what relics, stratagems, and warlord traits are entombed within Codex: Necrons.

GW: New Pre-Orders March 24th “Necrons Arrive”

The Necrons have awakened from the Great Sleep – Here comes the March of the Metal-Men!

Tabletop Gallery “Never Forget”

Hey, Flyrants are back – Are we next on the comeback trail?

40K Lore: Szarekh The Silent King

Loremasters, today we learn about the Necron’s last ruler – Szarekh the Silent King.

40K: Codex Necron Deep Dive

We’ve got Codex Necrons and we’re taking a tour through all the units with another Deep Dive!

40K: The Nephrekh Dynasty & C’tan Preview

These Necrons bring the Gold home when it comes to speed – come check out the Nephrekh Dynasty!

40K: Nihilakh Dynasty Preview

Opulence. They has it. The Nihilakh Dynasty rises again with the next Necron Preview from Games Workshop.

40K: The Novokh Dynasty

The Novokh Dynasty is the melee focused Necron Army. Take a look at their rules preview and see how their tactics fare.

40K Lore: C’Tan – The Deathless Life-eaters

Draw the curtains Loremasters and lock the door – today we delve into the dread enemies of life itself – the C’Tan

40K: The Mephrit Dynasty Does Not Mess Around

The Mephrit are one of the strongest Necron dynasties. Come see why.

What's New