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40K FAQed, New GW Minis, Fate of Konor, plus D&D

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Jul 03

Get ready for 8th Ed FAQs, new minis,40K’s summer campaign, Dungeins & Dragons and some tips from Privateer.

New 8th Edition FAQ and Errata

Now that 8th Edition’s been out a while, it’s time to get some things straight.

Painting Twisted Grymkin Flesh with P3

This week, get gruesome, paint your models’ skin and moans.

GW: New Releases July 1st “Pricing & Links”

Games Workshop has two new characters out this week for the Primaris Space Marines & a new book all about Farsight!

CMON: Tyrion and More Join Ice and Fire

CMON’s tabletop version of that one HBO show your friends keep spoiling is about to get some new minis.

40K: Global Campaign: The Muster Begins

The Fate of Konor is in your hands – It’s time to prepare for war!

D&D: Dice, Camera, Action with Chris Perkins

Come adventure with this week’s live-play through of Storm King’s Thunder – Episode 54

40K: Primaris Hero Rules Available In The Box

The Primaris Space Marine Heroes are available for pre-order this weekend, but how will they be used in the game? Check the box!


~OK, you’re all caught up – onto the new week.

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