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GW New Minis, Star Wars Legion, Lady Stormcasts, GENCON & More

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Aug 21 2017

GENCON 50 just wrapped up and WOW has this weekend been CRAZY. Let’s catch you up with all the tabletop news.

40K Breaking: Updated FAQs for CSMs & Grey Knights

Just in time for the new Codex to be out, a list of new FAQ clarifications and errata for our two latest codexes.

Privateer: Hordes of Grymkin Available in Force

The Grymkin’s wicked harvest comes to fruition–check out their faction book and grab your copy today!

AOS: Get a Look at the New Blightwar Box Set

The mystery models from the preview video are revealed – they’re part of a new box set!

40K: The Next Codexes Will Be…

I think we’ve cracked the code of Games Workshop’s next 5 Codexes. Let’s take a wild stab at what’s next!

New X-Wing Ships & Star Wars Legion Details

Check out the three new ships coming to X-Wing and more on Star Wars Legion, straight from the FFG booth at GENCON 2017.

BREAKING: New Star Wars: Legion at GenCon

We’ve got photos of the minis from the FFG cases at the con – they look fantastic!

Generals Handbook 2017 – Top 5 Changes

The Generals Handbook 2017 is bringing big changes to Age of Sigmar. Here’s our favorites ones from our copy.


Heroclix: The Mighty Thor Returns

The new set features more than 70 new figures!

GW: New Releases August 19th “Pricing & Links”

The General’s Handbook 2017 is up for Pre-order along with some fantastic new bundles from GW!

The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31 at GenCon

We got an in person look at the highly anticipated board game at the con – check it out!

~We will be bringing more GENCON 50 coverage all week, so look sharp. There are SO MANY NEW GAMES!

Author: Larry Vela
  • 40K: Sing Me That Sweet, Sweet Music of the Apocalypse