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Ad Mech Overview, Deathshroud, Blightlords & More

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Sep 18 2017

We’ve got the Ad Mech book in hand – plus a first look at the Deathshroud, and more Terminators – Plus news from D&D and FFG!

40K: Codex: Adeptus Mechanicus First Look

┬áThe Adeptus Mechanicus are back with a brand new Codex – all hail the glory of the Omnissiah!

Unboxing: Deathshroud Terminators

Mortarion’s faithful bodyguard are up for pre-order this weekend – come take a look inside the box to see what you’re getting!

40K: Blightlord Terminators and Typhus’ New Look!

The new and improved Typhus and Blightlords terminators are coming next week.

D&D: Dragon Talk – Tomb of Annihilation

Get the latest news about D&D, along with great interviews and live play-throughs.



FFG: Arkham Horror: Path to Carcosa Out Now

The Path to Carcosa Expansion is now available for Arkham Horror The Card Game – Can you solve this mystery before it’s too late?

GW: New Releases September 16 “Pricing & Links”

The Adeptus Mechanicus Codex is up for Pre-order along with all the special editions!

GW: Citadel Paint App Available For Download

The Citadel Paint App is out! Download it for free and have a chance at winning free paints from Games Workshop!



Get caught-up on all the goodies from this weekend!

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