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2 NEW Primarchs, Necromunda, New Minis, AoS, D&D’s Next Book

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Feb 5 2018
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This weekend was CRAZY with new pics and product reviews from just about everything GW and D&D!

GW Weekender: The Siege of Terra

Come and see what lies in store for the climax of the Horus Heresy as the Siege of Terra dawns.

D&D BREAKING: Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes Drops in May

Fresh off the internet, the next D&D Book is announced – Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes.

PP: Lord Tyrant Hexeris – New Year, New Sculpt

The Lord Tyrant Hexeris, master mortitheurge is getting a new model next week. Take a look!

GW Weekender: Alpharius and Friends

There’s still more coming out of the HH and Necromunda Weekender, including Alpharius!

RPG: Tiers and Ascension in Wrath & Glory

The upcoming 40K RPG can handle characters and threats from Guardsmen to Hive Tyrants.

GW: Pre-Orders February 3 “Pricing & Links”

The Legion of Nagash prepares for war on the Living with this weeks new pre-orders from Games Workshop!

AoS: Lord-Ordinator & The Darkoath Queen Unboxed

The Harbingers of the Malign Portents are here and we’re taking a closer look at the Lord-Ordinator and the Darkoath Queen!

GW: Horus Heresy & Necromunda Weekender Previews

The Horus Heresy & Necromunda Weekender are happening this weekend and Games Workshop has a plethora of previews!


GW Weekender: Horus Heresy Seminar Previews

The GW Seminar for the Horus Heresy & Necromunda Weekender has a bunch of future plans & previews the Horus Heresy!

GW Weekender: Necromunda Seminar Previews

The Future of Necromunda was previewed at the Horus Heresy & Necromunda Weekender Seminar – check it out!


Author: Larry Vela
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