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New Imperial Knights, Necrons, Cryx, FFG, Pathfinder & More!

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Mar 19 2018
Warhammer 40K


In the aftermath of GAMA everyone has new gaming goodies. Get in here gamers!


40K: Warglaive Rules Unleashed Upon The Masses

They’re out there. Warglaive rules, blurry datasheet screen shots, everything you could possibly want!

PP: Satyxis Scoundrels and the Queen of Blood

Satyxis Raiders join the crew this week–along with a peek at a Slaughter Fleet heavy hitter.

40K: Unboxing the Armiger And Cryptek

We’ve got our hands on the Armiger Warglaive and the new Cryptek from Forgebane, come take a look!

FFG: The Minds Behind L5R – A Developer Interview

Fantasy Flight Games has a new interview up from Designers Brad Andres and Tyler Parrott and it’s worth a read!

GW: Forgebane Pre-Orders “Pricing & Links”

The new boxed set is up for Pre-Order. Forgebane is ready for action!

Wyrd: New Terrain & Minis Spotted at GAMA

The company showed off Wyrdscapes, Other Side, Bayou Bash, and more at the trade show this week – take a look!


40K: Forgebane – The Battle For Blackstone

We’ve got a closer look at exactly why Belisarius Cawl is going after Blackstone direct from Forgebane!

PF Battles: Jungle of Despair Preview

Come take a look at the striking miniatures of the upcoming Jungle of Despair from Paizo and WizKids.

40K: Forgebane Unboxed

We got our hands on the new Forgebane box and are taking a quick tour of the contents!

~Onto the new week!


Author: Larry Vela
  • 40K: Unboxing the Armiger And Cryptek

    Warhammer 40K