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Wake the Dead, 40K FAQs, Star Wars Snipers, Warhound Titans, Gobbos, Pathfinder & More

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Oct 1 2018

Boy was it busy out there. We look inside Wake the Dead, check out some upcoming titans, Star Wars Legion snipers, how to paint eyes from Privateer, and some awesome undead minis.

Privateer Press Painting: The Eyes Have It

The eyes are the windows to the soul, and this video will help make sure that your miniatures’ souls are clear as day. Check out this tutorial on painting eyes from Privateer Press.

Next Week From GW: Nightvault Warbands And Titan Warhounds

GW has a lot to offer next week, as long as you like the prefix war- you’re good. Two new Warbands (and two returning favorites), Warhound Titans coming next weekend.

Desert Dwellers Snipers Add Precision Marksman To The New Desert Dwellers Units

The newly released Desert Dwellers from Maxmini are getting reinforcements and specialists this weekend. Come check out the Desert Dwellers Sniper.

Pathfinder: Plane-Hopping Player’s Guide Released – Secure New Magic Items, Archetypes, And More

The latest Player Companion for Pathfinder adds extraplanar origins, backgrounds, magics, and more for players that want to build characters from other planes. No word on other trains or automobiles though. Check out the planar rift gunslinger and more!

GW: Pricing & Links – T’au & Necron Kill Teams & ‘Wake The Dead’

We tried to stay quiet but the dead don’t rest easy. It’s Wake the Dead from Games Workshop plus the Ancient Ones rise along with the youngest race in the galaxy – It’s Necrons and T’au Kill Team Starters!

40K: The Big FAQ 2 – Errata, Errata, Errata!

With 23 Errata updates for Warhammer 40,000 released by Games Workshop (and a ninja Kill Team update) this week there have been a LOT of tweaks to armies across the board. If you want to find out if your army got impacted check this out.

FFG: Star Wars Legion Gets Two New Expansions

The Scout Troopers are here along with the most infamous Bounty Hunter in the Galaxy – Boba Fett! Star Wars: Legion players, Imperial Reinforcements have arrived!

40K: Wake The Dead Unboxing – Aeldari Revenge vs Astartes Might

Games Workshop has a brand new starter box on the way and we’re taking a dive into the contents! Check out what you can expect inside the new Starter Set – Wake The Dead!

Forgotten World KickstarterFireforge Games: New Gruesome Undead Minis in ‘Forgotten World’ Kickstarter

Whether you are looking for a new game, playing Frostgrave, 9th Age or any other game, you have got to check this Kickstarter out!!! The models look gorgeous and could likely be used in most systems that you play!


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