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Shadowspear, GW’s Upcoming Minis, Warmachine, X-Wing, LEGION, plus D&D Minis

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Mar 11

We have everything from Shadowspear to X-wing, Warmachine, to Star Wars Legion, GW’s upcoming releases and Dungeons & Dragons latest products. It was a BUSY weekend!

Pimpcron: The Real Imperial Knight Problem

Pimpcron has the answers, this isn’t a joke.

40K: Shadowspear – The Unboxing

Strap on your seat belts as we blast off with the next chapter for Adeptus and Heretic Astartes – it’s Shadowspear time!

D&D: Dungeon of the Mad Mage Minis Now Available

If you’re looking for some new miniatures for your adventuring, the new Icons of the Realms: Dungeon of the Mad Mage set is out now!

Star Wars: Legion – Two New Rebel Units Announced

The battle for Hoth will be heating up this year with the arrival of the Rebel Veterans and the Tauntaun Riders Unit Expansions for Star Wars: Legion!

40K: Shadowspear Chaos Datasheets Clarifications

Shadowspear has new datasheets for both the Chaos Space Marines and Obilterators. How will those work with the Codex? We’ve got the answer!

Star Wars: X-Wing – The Droid Fighter Preview

The Vulture-Class Droid Fighter is coming soon and it’s got some nasty tricks up it’s robotic sleeves.

GW Pre-Orders: Shadowspear Pricing & Links

The time has come. Shadowspear is up for Pre-order. Choose your side.

40K: Phobos Armor – Questions Answered

With Shadowspear comes the vaunted Phobos armor, first seen equipped by Primaris Reivers. This stealth-centered armor is a boon to everyone–Reivers included. Here’s a look at what it does.


Privateer Press: Black Anchor Heavy Industries Unveils The Well Of Orboros

The Well of Orboros is the latest titanic model available from Black Anchor Heavy Industries. Pre-order now and you’ll receive a free water bottle–though you’ll have to find your own primal elemental source of water to fill it.

Shadowspear: What’s NOT In the Box – ‘Missing’ Chaos Units

Now that we’ve got our hands on the box, we can confirm what Daemon Engine Images are still waiting to be revealed.

40K: New Khorne Rules In Vigilus Ablaze, New AoS Battletome Inbound

It’s a bloodstravaganza next week, as GW announces a new Chaos Battletome – Blades of Khorne, and alongside new models–AND new rules, for 40K. Check them out.

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