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Apocalypse Imminent, AoS General’s Handbook, Privateer’s Latest, X-Wing Winners and Blood Ravens!

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Jun 16 2019

40K Apocalypse is just around the corner, the Age of Sigmar General’s Handook is here, X-Wing winners, Blood Ravens may be getting rules, and GW’s Tournament Rules all showed up this weekend. Take a look.

Pimpcron: How Our Family Sees Warhammer

Pimpcron has returned to shine some light on how our hobby is seen through other’s eyes.

AoS: General’s Handbook 2019 Overview

The General’s Handbook 2019 is up for Pre-order this weekend and we’ve got a look inside the actual covers!

FFG New Releases: Outer Rim In Stores Now

Fantasy Flight Games has a new Star Wars board game out now – head to the Outer Rim!

X-Wing Top List Of The Week: June 15th – Mace & The Solid Gold Squad

Take a look at who’s winning, losing and this week’s top championship list in X-Wing – brought to you by BCP.

40K: Grand Tournament USA – 5 Things To Know Before You Go

Games Workshop is taking some interesting stances for their USA GT. The bar has been set for a new 40k GT Standard.

Geekery: The Banana Splits are Back – to Kill You

This may have the best Syfy movie tagline of the year: “The beloved children’s show is back… with a vengeance, a horrible, bloody vengeance.”

AoS Top List Of The Week: It Pleases Slaanesh To Win

This week Slaanesh is topping the lists. Find out more as we bring you the top championship list in Age of Sigmar – brought to you by BCP.

Privateer Press: Upcoming Releases For Monsterpocalypse And Riot Quest

Let’s take a look at another wave of September releases for Privateer Press. Here’s a preview of what’s coming for Monsterpocalypse and Riot Quest.


40K: Blood Ravens Teased In White Dwarf

It looks like the Blood Ravens are next in line to get the Index Astartes treatment, according to a teaser in the latest White Dwarf. Let’s take a look.

AoS: Mercenary Factions In The General’s Handbook

The new General’s Handbook is out, and we’ve got a look at the Mercenary Companies rules, a sample company, and the table of contents.

40K: Apocalypse Is Coming Warhammer Day

Apocalypse is coming this Warhammer day, and with it new army boxes, new rules and two new models.

  • Privateer Press: Upcoming Releases For Monsterpocalypse And Riot Quest