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New Mephiston, Sisters, Slaves to Darkness, new GW Releases, plus D&D and Starfinder Latest

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Nov 3 2019

Mephiston Lord of Death is on his wa back to 40K, alongside new Sisters vehicles, AoS’s newest faction, plus the latest on D&D subclasses and Starfinder character options. Did we mention Necromunda?

Warhammer 40K BREAKING: New Sisters Of Battle Sprue Spotted

There’s a new Sisters of Battle sprue out in the wild, and we’ve got a look at the Adepta Sororitas, ready to be assembled. Check out the bits!

Pimpcron: Highlander Format Is Alive & Well

Pimpcron thinks we need a hero and that hero is Highlander.

Fantasy Flight Games New Releases: Marvel Champions & More

Fantasy Flight Games is launching their brand new LCG with Marvel Champions plus a bunch of other offerings this weekend!

Age of Sigmar: New Dominion Of Sigmar Terrain Kits Unboxed

The Dominion of Sigmar has two new Terrain Kits to help you expand your Terrain collection!

Warhammer Lore: Nagash, God Of Death

Loremasters, today we delve into the history of Nagash who was once a mortal and who became the god of death.

D&D: What Goes Into Subclass Design

Step behind the screen for a look at what goes into designing new subclasses for D&D. See how story stands out in 5E design.

BREAKING Warhammer 40K: Faith & Fury Revealed Plus Loads Of New Miniatures

Mephestion is BACK. And the Sisters have updated TANKS! And Chaos is getting new RULES! Check the 40k previews from Blood & Glory!

BREAKING Age of Sigmar: Slaves To Darkness New Miniatures Reveal

Hey, have you been waiting for new Chaos Warriors? How about a new Chaos Knight Cavalry Unit and Hero? Perhaps a new Battletome, too? Check inside.


Games Workshop Pre-Orders: Pricing & Links – Ossiarch Bonereapers Arrive

The Ossiarch Bonereapers main wave is up for Pre-Order! Don’t wake the dead.

Starfinder: Enhance Your Character, Add More Options – New Book Now Available

Looking for more ways to enhance your Starfinder characters? Try the options available in the new Character Operations Manual, out now from Paizo.

Age of Sigmar: New Warcry Monstrosities Revealed

Some of the biggest, beefiest baddies in the Eightpoints are joining the fray for Warcry. Take a look at the new monstrous models coming soon to Warcry!

Warhammer 40K: Necromunda Next Week Heralds A Dark Uprising

Big things are in store for the Underhive next week as Necromunda gets ready with a brand new boxed set… and a sinister cult uprising. Let’s take a look.

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