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GW’s Hedonites & Daughters of Khaine, D&D Cleric Guide, Star Wars Controversy & Wolverine

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Feb 14

Age of Sigmar got two new battletomes this weekend, so take a look. Learn how to play a Cleric in D&D. Star Wars is all about Cara Dune’s big shakeup. Finally, check out one cool Wolverine!

GW Pre-Orders: Pricing & Links – Hedonites of Slaanesh & Daughters of Khaine

The Hedonites of Slaanesh have a pre-release party going on – and the Daughters of Khaine are crashing it this weekend from Games Workshop!

Age of Sigmar: The Lord Of Gluttony Rules Are Overflowing

Glutos Orscollion’s warscroll is overflowing with rules. Check out what the Lord of Gluttony does on the tabletop!

Age of Sigmar: Daughters of Khaine’s Queens Get Nerfed

The Slaughter Queen and Hag Queen each caught a blow from the nerf bat. Come see what’s happened to them.

Wolverine All Dressed Up in Tony Stark’s Tech

The Wolverine gets a some fancy armor with repulsor rays to go along with his shiny, adamantium claws with this new fig.

Classic Star Wars Toys Restored to Their 1978 Glory

Rescue & Restore gives vintage toys new life. Recently he’s picked up a few plastic pieces from a galaxy far, far away.

D&D 5e Guide – How To Play a Cleric

Playing a Cleric in D&D can be incredibly rewarding. They’re one of 5E’s most versatile classes, and with this guide, you’ll be holier than thou in no time.

Star Wars: Five People Disney Should Cast as Cara Dune

Carano is out, but that doesn’t mean Cara Dune has to go too, lets talk about who could play the Rebel Droptrooper in the future.

Warhammer 40K: Bjorn The Fell-Handed, Eldest Space Wolf

Today we delve deep into the living link of the Space Wolves to the days of the Emperor – Bjorn the Fell Handed


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