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Games Workshop is Back, D&D Greyhawk & Von Richten’s, Star Wars Clones, New Cap

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May 03

This weekend was busy.  Games Workshop’s back, enjoy a Guide to D&D’s Greyhawk & Von Richten’s, and learn everything you wanted to know about Star Wars Clones.

Warhammer: White Dwarf May Previews – Custom Vamps And ‘The Fallen’ Get Rules

Get ready for a new Fallen Dark Angels Specialist Detachment in the upcoming May White Dwarf – and a way to build some custom Vampires for AoS!

Battle Ready Cardboard ‘Monster Hunter World’ Switch Axe

This convertible cardboard blade is a whopping 8 feet long but light enough to lift easily, unlike its video game counterpart.

MTG: Post Malone Just Wants To Buy Some Singles, Gets Filmed By Crowd

Look even Post Malone needs to get out there and Jund ‘Em Out from time to time, as a recent, well-filmed visit to an FLGS shows.

New Captain America Action Figure Has an Impressive Wing Span

The MCU has a new Captain America, time to update your collection.

Age of Sigmar: All The Models Coming Your Way

With Warhammer Fest Online coming next week, it’s time to get a quick refresh on what’s been announced but not released yet for Age of Sigmar.

D&D: An Adventurer’s Guide To Greyhawk

It’s time to head to Oerth – the world that began it all. Home to castles, legends, and characters whose names spelled backwards reveal a hidden creator. Welcome to Greyhawk.

Warhammer 40K: Codex Check – Who’s Good And Who Are We Still Missing

I know it’s been a weird [checks calendar] 14 months – but we’re going to check in with our Codexes and see how they are doing.

Star Wars: Everything You Need To Know About Clone Troopers

With the Bad Batch hitting TV (or whatever screen you watch on) soon, lets take a refresher course on just what a Clone Trooper is and why they rule.


Warhammer Next Week: Pre-Orders Are Back With Necromunda Hive War, Blood Bowl, And Orruk Direchasm Band

Nature is healing. Games Workshop pre-orders are returning to the wild–here’s a look at what you can pre-order next weekend

D&D: Take A Look At Van Richten’s Guide To Ravenloft’s Table Of Contents

Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft is due out May 18th, and that means previews are already making their way into the wild. Check out the table of contents.

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