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40K’s Plastic Death Korps, New Orks, D&D Pellinore & Ravenloft, Star Wars Mistakes

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Jul 11 2021

We got new 40K minis unveiled, D&D realmguides and novels, Henry Cavill goes Grimdark, plus that time Star Wars screwed up!

Star Wars: Four Horrible Mistakes ‘The Force Awakens’ Made

Take a look at some of the worst things The Force Awakens bungled.

‘The Witcher’ Season 2 – New Trailers Reveal the Dangerous Journey Ahead

Witchercon is going on right now – and that means new trailers for Netflix’s hit live-action series.

D&D: Ravenloft Meets Eberron In A New Book From Eberron Creator Keith Baker

The bone-chilling, spine-tingling terror of Ravenloft seems right at home in the magitech-filled world of Eberron, especially with a new book on the way.

‘Legend of Zelda’ Cartridge Sells for $870,000 at Auction

Would you pay almost a million dollars for a sealed copy of the Nintendo classic?

Warhammer 40K: ‘Octarius’ Kill Team Preview – Ork Kommandos & Death Korps Minis

More Kill Team News in the Octarius Sector! New Ork Kommandos, Death Korps minis on the way!

Warhammer 40K: War Zone Octarius Announced And More!

War Zone Octarius is coming – and Orks…so many ORKS!

D&D’s Pelinore – An Adventurer’s Guide To The Flattest World

This week we’re shaking the dust off of a classic flat world from the other side of the pond…

Star Wars: Flagship of Evil, The Invisible Hand Breakdown

The Providence-Class Dreadnought served as one of the CIS’s main battleships during the Clone Wars, as well as providing flagships for many commanders, lets take a look at them.


Warhammer 40K: Henry Cavill Is Right – That Chandelier DOES Look Like A Blackstone Fortress

Here’s a clip of Henry Cavill, aka Superman aka Geralt of Rivia, just being an absolute nerd about Warhammer 40K for a brief, shining moment.

Author: Larry Vela
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