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D&D’s Fizbin’s Treasury, Star Wars Mistakes, 40K’s New Ork Rules and Disney+ ‘Armor Wars’

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Jul 18 2021

D&D’s Fizbin’s Treasury is winging your way, Star Wars made mistakes, 40K’s New Ork rules spotted, then check out Disney+ ‘Armor Wars’ latest info.

D&D: Fizban’s Treasury And Wild Beyond The Witchlight Product Descriptions Leaked

Curious about what awaits you in Wild Beyond the Witchlight or the newly unveiled Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons? Well, come take a look for yourself.

Star Wars: Five Horrible Mistakes ‘The Last Jedi’ Made

Let’s take a look back at some major mistakes The Last Jedi made.

D&D: Baldur’s Gate 3 Patch 5 Is A Doozy

With changes that touch on almost every facet of the game, from combat to cutscenes, Baldur’s Gate 3’s new patch puts destiny in your hands.

D&D Live Dispatch – Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons Brings Draconians And Great Wyrms To 5E

D&D Live showcased many things today–but perhaps one of the best was the sheer amount of draconic power in Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons.

D&D: A Verdant Tomb Continues The Adventures In Forgotten Realm Saga

Magic: the Gathering’s new adventure for Dungeons & Dragons has arrived, and with it comes a twisting trip to a verdant tomb.

Marvel’s ‘Armor Wars’ Disney+ Series is Underway

Don Cheadle revealed more about the status of the armored suit based series this week.

Warhammer 40K BREAKING: Mozrog Skrapbad New Rules Spotted!

He’s got a giant white squig and a very bad attitude. Take a look at Mozrog rules – headed your way!

Star Wars: Whats The Best Order To Watch the Movies?

With new movies and shows coming out all the time, let’s talk about the best order to watch Star Wars.


  • 40K RUMORS: Ork Clan Rules Spotted