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New D&D, Underworld Cosplay, Stranger Things Trailer & 40K’s Bad Marines

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Sep 26 2021

Check out everything from WotC talking D&D’s upcoming “evolution”,  Stranger Things latest trailer, Underworld’s Selene Cosplay, 40K Marines we should cut, and the most famous Star Destroyer that’s never seen the silver screen.

Selene is Hunting for the Truth In This ‘Underworld’ Cosplay

She deals in Death and extremely tight vinyl. And she’s all out of Vinyl. Sink your fangs into these Selene Cosplays!

Warhammer 40K: The Dark Age of Technology

Once mankind strode across the stars like a god. But veneration of technology led us too close to the sun and a terrible fate.

Warhammer 40K: Trim The Fat – 5 Space Marine Units GW Should Cut

The time has come. It’s time for the Space Marine Codex to slim down and we’ve got a few units that no one should miss.


First Look at ‘The Sandman’ is Here – Morpheus is Summoned and He’s Not Happy About It

Roderick Burgess begins the story in this fantastic looking clip from the upcoming live-action Sandman series.

D&D: Fizban Spoilers – Metallic Dragonborn And Drakewarden Ranger Confirmed

A new race and a new subclass revealed, and we’re only on Day 2 of D&D Celebration! Check out the Metallic Dragonborn and the new Drakewarden Ranger.

‘Stranger Things’ Season Four is Going Back To the Start – New Trailer

The trailers for this season have been taking us backward on the timeline – the latest takes us to where this eldritch horror began.

Star Wars: The Most Famous Ship You’ve Never Seen On Screen – The Victory Class Star Destroyer Breakdown-

The Victory Class Star Destroyer is a massively famous and popular ship with a long history, and yet its never once shown up on screen.

WotC Announces ‘New Evolution’ Of D&D Coming In 2024

In a panel on the Future of D&D, WotC announced that they’ve been working on a “New Evolution” of the core books, coming in 2024.


Author: Larry Vela
  • Outside the Box - September 24th