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Cosplay: Sister, Sister, Never Knew How Much We Missed this Sister Repentia Cosplay

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Nov 29 2021
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Repent ye sinners, lest ye befall the same fate as this Adepta Sororitas Sister Repentia Cosplay.

They are the Sisters who live in shame, rising up to purge the iniquities of mankind. They suffer in repentance for their failings to the emperor, eternally serving the Emperor. This week, we’re paying penance with this Sister Repentia cosplay.

Maryna Tkachenko as Sister Repentia

Though these outcasts of the Adepta Sororitas are paying for their sins, they are still highly revered by their Sisters. Their dedication to paying for their sins make the Sister Repentia a force to be reckoned with, and any soldier would happily stand shoulder to shoulder with them.

Maryna Tkachenko as Sister Repentia

Many cosplayers have taken up the mantle of the Adepta Sororitas, the Battle Sisters, including these amazing cosplays by Kinpatsu Cosplay, and TandAWorkshop. This week, we’re featuring another stunning cosplay shoot, the Sister Repentia by Maryna Tkachenko.

The Sister Repentia

Sister Repentia Cosplay by Maryna Tkachenko

Images by Astor_Photo


I am far from absolution. Lost to any exculpation. I offer myself to repentance. Before the Emperor I have sinned.”

We turn our backs upon you. We cast off your armour and your arms.”

I leave this company of my own free will and by my will shall I return. I shall seek the Emperor’s forgiveness in the darkest places of the night.”


When forgiveness is yours, we shall welcome you back. Until such time you are nameless to us.”

See me and do not see me. Know me and know fear, for I have no face today but this one. I stand before you a Sister Repentia, until absolution finds me once more.”

So shall it be.”


Should any Sister, in her deeds or thoughts, sin, she should willingly and immediately make her fault known to her Superior, and amend with a pure heart.”

If she does not usually fail in this manner, let her be given but a week’s penance, but if her sin is great, let her go apart from the company of her Sisters, so that she may not sit at table with them, nor kneel in prayer at their side.”Let her go alone, submitting herself to the will of the almighty God-Emperor of Mankind. Let her don the hood of the penitent and take up the ceremonial Eviscerator, and seek her redemption upon the field of battle.

“Though ultimately outcasts within their own order, they are none the less revered by their fellow sisters, who see them as pilgrims seeking the absolution of death and ultimate sacrifice in the name of the God-Emperor.”

“Confession and prayer are as much a part of a battle-sister’s existence as Bolter drills and military discipline. Those who fall short of the sisterhood’s rigorous codes are subject to many penitential punishments, but in more serious cases they may even be exiled from their order.”


“These warriors, known as Sisters Repentia, band together into groups that seek redemption in the fires of battle. They are led to war by an unsparing religious fanatic known as a “Mistress of Repentance,” who judges each exiled Sister’s deeds and occasionally, at battle’s end, may declare her sins atoned for. Those rare few who return to the fold of their Order Militant are held in awe by their fellows.”

“Those battle-sisters who seek forgiveness occupy a state of grace that many within the Adepta Sororitas aspire to, yet few attain. Indeed, some sisters willingly exile themselves, finding fault in the smallest transgression in order to join the Repentia.”

“The fervour of the Repentia inevitably means that they martyr themselves fighting against hopeless odds, finding in death the absolution denied to them in life.”

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Author: Jennifer Larsen
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