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Star Trek Picard’s ‘Farewell’, Dr. Strange, Horus Heresy Minis, D&D Dark Sun Latest!

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May 08

Star Trek Picard’s ‘Farewell’ has issues, Dr. Strange review & cosplay is here. GW’s Horus Heresy has all new minis, and D&D Dark Sun shows up in Spelljammer!

‘Multiverse Of Madness’ Brings Horror To The MCU – The Spoiler-Free Review

Sam Raimi introduces the MCU to his signature horror touch – but the multiverse of madness leaves something to be desired.

D&D: Two Dark Sun Monsters Spotted Among Spelljammer Miniatures

Is Spelljammer going to cross over to Dark Sun? Two Dark Sun monsters lurk among a new preview of Spelljammer miniatures.

Courtesy of Paramount Plus

‘Star Trek: Picard’ Says “Farewell” To Its Potential

It’s the season 2 finale of Star Trek: Picard “Farewell”. What is everyone’s fate? Will any of it make sense? And how does this lead into season 3?

D&D: The Eldritch Lich – Alien, Undead, And Brand New

The monsters of the Monstrous Compendium Vol. 1 ask tough questions, like: “how can we make a lich even worse?” The Eldritch Lich is how.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Pilot Hits Close To Home

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds comes in hot with the best Trek pilot since Deep Space Nine‘s “Emissary”. What makes the return of the Enterprise so worthwhile? Let’s talk about what works, what’s rough around the edges, and what this premiere promises for the future.

We’re All Strange For These Dr. Strange Cosplays

Who will reign as Cosplayer Supreme? These mystical cosplays are all we need to prepare for the Multiverse of Madness!

Warhammer Fest: All The OTHER Horus Heresy Releases

Games Workshop has a whole lot more stuff planned for the Horus Heresy. Check out what else is coming!

Warhammer Fest: The New Tank Kits Of The Horus Heresy

The Horus Heresy is getting even more tank kits! Check out these new ways to ride into battle.


This ‘Star Wars’ Ship Loves To Kill Its Jedi Pilots – The Jedi Vector Breakdown

Beautiful and deadly, often to its own pilots. The Jedi Vector is an elegant relic of the High Republic, and we break it down.

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