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Thomas aka Goatboy

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Goatboy’s Marines!!!

Whenever a new codex comes out, I always buy it from my local store and give it a read through to see if anything catches my eye. I’m one of those new army junkies; if it’s new and interesting, there is a good chance I am planning an army around it. So obviously since the […]

Just some quick tournament thoughts.

Well hello again, Goatboy here to start up a bit of a discussion and thought process about 5th edition and the tournament scene.  I know not everyone is all about crushing your opponent, but a good deal of the readers here want to read some different avenues to create a winning list. So first things first, what […]

Tournament and GT thoughts…

Anyone who pays attention to the metagame of 40k and the results of the GT’s must be wondering, how the hell do you deal with orks? When you look at the top players in most of the GT’s this year, you see a creeping sensation of green all over the upper tables. So if you […]