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Andrew Howell

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Infinity – Planet Paradiso – Part 1

Andrew Howell 3 Minute Read Aug 7

The Paradiso Offensive Awaits!! Bored?  Lonely?  Looking to get away from it all and blow something up?  Infinity offers their first scenario and campaign sourcebook and at last we get to hear more about the planet where Humanity hangs in the balance; Paradiso! This one planet has all factions of the Human Sphere fighting amongst […]

Infinity: Haqqislam Faction Review

Andrew Howell 4 Minute Read Jul 1

Doctors without peer, the only manufacturer of medical Silk for resurrection, creators of a new renaissance of Islam; followers of Haqqislam have a new path and a new home.The mid 21st century was hard on a lot of people after the economic fall of many Western powers.  A new religious doctrine that combines Islamism with […]

Aleph – Infinity Faction Review

Andrew Howell 3 Minute Read May 31

To serve mankind.  Aleph was created to connect and serve humanity in ways that were never before thought possible.  It is in every aspect of life: entertainment, communications, news, and even military.  Life within the Human Sphere would cease to exist were it not for this benevolent artificial intelligence that regulates commerce and guides us […]

Infinity: Combined Army Faction Review

Andrew Howell 4 Minute Read May 9

Humanity always wondered if it was alone in this universe and now it knows it was correct to fear the unknown.  The only name that can be attributed to this mass of new races is the Combined Army.  Composed of a myriad of species they are all of a single purpose; the conquering of the […]

Nomads: Infinity Faction Review

Andrew Howell 4 Minute Read Apr 9

Pariahs.  Castaways.  Fugitives.  Outsiders.  All these names the Nomad Nations wear with pride as they have a rich history that demonstrates their ability and will to stand apart from the oppressive Aleph and its puppet nations.  Andyman is giving you the rundown for the Nomads! Rejecting the notion that Humanity is protected and watched by […]

Infinity: Faction Review Ariadna

Andrew Howell 4 Minute Read Mar 26

Andyman is back!  This time we take a look at our past, glorious or otherwise, in the forces of Ariadna. Lets go!  These guys are the only link between what we (presently) consider our history and then shoot them forward a few centuries.  It’s the little details that make these guys an awesome faction!  Did […]

Infinity Faction Review: PanOceania

Andrew Howell 3 Minute Read Feb 15

Welcome to the greatest and wealthiest nation of the Human Sphere, PanOceania!  Andyman is back and this time I will give you a closer look into the workings of the PanOceania faction from Infinity: the Game. Call it luck, call it determination, or call it down-right-cheating, PanOceania has the distinction of being the premiere source […]

Infinity: Yu Jing Faction Review

Andrew Howell 4 Minute Read Jan 31

Andyman is back to give you a better look at the faction Yu Jing for Infinity: the Game!  The second most powerful nation amongst the Human Sphere they seek to topple the Pan Oceania and become the dominant power among Humanity. The Mandate of Heaven lies upon the Emperor and the Yu Jing state; destiny […]

Infinity: Faction Background Review

Andrew Howell 5 Minute Read Jan 18

Howdy everyone!  Andyman here to tell you about Infinity: the game.   This is an interactive miniatures game set in Earth’s future about 200 years.  Old governments have fallen away and others have combined to become the dominant power.  Unlike other games, Infinity uses a unique rule that allows players to immediately react to their opponent’s […]