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40k Lore: The Golden Throne

Just_Me 3 Minute Read October 28

It is one of the most iconic objects of the 40k universe, it is associated with the Emperor to the extent that the two are both literally and figuratively inseparable, but we know next to nothing about it. It seems to be a fundamentally given piece of knowledge that the Golden Throne exists and has […]

40K Lore: There Are No Wolves On Fenris…

Just_Me 4 Minute Read October 20

This phrase has, for some inexplicable reason, always struck me as one of the most eerie and haunting statements in the 40k universe ever since Magnus first uttered it. Perhaps because on the surface it is just so patently untrue, clearly there ARE wolves on Fenris.  Yet somehow if we take the statement (since repeated […]

40k Lore: We’ll be Back!

Just_Me 6 Minute Read July 21

And coincidentally I’m back!  Yes it’s been a while and I’ve had a lot on my plate, but now I’m back with some new 40k Lore articles. This time I wanted to consider the Necrons, and specifically what how their resurrection and phase outs work in-universe.  We should all be aware of the basics here, […]

40k Lore: War in Heaven

Just_Me 5 Minute Read March 24

The War in Heaven is an essential component of the origins of the 40k setting, one that has in many ways set the stage for all that came after, and on request let us examine what we know of it. In this case, of course, the War in Heaven is the ancient conflict between the […]

40k Lore: WAAAAGH!

Just_Me 3 Minute Read March 17

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! The Ork “Waaagh!” is the cornerstone concept of their society (insofar as such terms can be applied to Orks of course…).  It is religion, philosophy, way of life, and metaphysical reality all in one, not to mention a great battle cry. To understand this surprisingly complex concept it’s necessary to break it down. As a […]

40k Lore: Lore Applied, Characters

Just_Me 8 Minute Read March 4

Hello again everyone, let’s take another look at another way to channel an enjoyment of background into one’s hobby: characters. The 40k universe is populated by a vast array of colorful and interesting characters, both in-game and out.  In a galaxy where there Is Only War the great warriors are important parts of the fabric […]

40k Lore: Legions II & XI

Just_Me 6 Minute Read February 25

Who were they? What happened to them? Ok, so this is fairly old hat in the 40k community, anyone who even glanced at their Space Marine homework noticed that two legions are erased from the records and no information whatsoever is given on them.  Now setting aside the fact that these spaces were originally left […]

40k Lore: The Trickster gods, Cegorach and the Deceiver

Just_Me 5 Minute Read February 17

Let’s take a look into the murky confusion that surrounds and blurs the line between the greatest trickster gods of 40k… One tricky (haha) proposition in the 40k universe is distinguishing between the legends of the devious C’Tan Deceiver and the enigmatic Eldar deity Cegorach, the Laughing God. Each of them have their own set of […]

40K Lore: Astartes Power Armour

Just_Me 5 Minute Read February 5

Hey everyone! Today I’d like to take reassessing look at the subtle relationship between an Astartes and his power armour. I’m sure when we think of power armor we think of the Astartes, they are inextricably intertwined in our minds.  We all know that the Astartes wear Power Armour, and we’re also fairly familiar with […]

40k Lore: Blackstone Fortresses

Just_Me 5 Minute Read January 28

A simple straightforward question for today; what are the infamous Blackstone Fortresses and who built them? The Blackstone Fortresses are a collection of six massive and mysterious artifacts of a pre-imperial culture that originally were scattered across the Gothic Sector in Segmentum Obscurus.  Each is a vast installation greatly out-massing all but the mightiest Imperial […]

40k Lore: Lesser Xenos: Umbra

Just_Me 4 Minute Read January 21

Once again, let us delve into the lives of those minor species that inhabit the 40k universe, this time with the Umbra. Frankly, there are few more enigmatic species in the entirety of the 40k universe.  Physically they bear no resemblance to any other species (or, for that matter, to any living thing).  An Umbra […]