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What to Do with Primaris Space Marines – Hope and Tragedy

Black Blow Fly here to discuss Space Marines – and what to do about their underwhelming tabletop performance.

40K: New Deathwatch Strategems

The Deathwatch have walked a rough road in 8th edition. Chapter Approved gives them 2 new Strategems to help out.

40K: New Faction Rules in Chapter Approved

Chapter Approved has some new rules for your favorite faction, assuming your favorite faction is one of the eleven featured in the book.

Tabletop Gallery: The Doom of Davish Krail

Fightapilots Ghooz and Maugh-Verik seen displaying their cunning ability to come from behind.

Dark Apocrypha: Imperial Inquisition – Expect the Unexpected

Their chief weapon is surprise… surprise and fear and–look, everyone should ALWAYS expect the Inquisition.

BoLS Weekend Restream – Expect the Inquisition

Everyone should ALWAYS expect the Inquisition.

Deathwatch Index: Second Go at First Impressions

Today hear my second impressions of the Deathwatch army in 8th ed.

Tabletop Gallery: “PURGE the Xenomorphs”

“By the Emperor, these Tyranids are fast!”

SN Battle Report: Deathwatch vs Harlequins

SN Battle Reports brings you another Special Mission Battle Report using their gorgeous NEW Studio Harlequins and Deathwatch!

3rd Edition Deathwatch Rules & Minis – 40k Retro

In today’s Warhammer 40k Flashback, we’re taking the time machine back to 2003 to check out the roots of the Deathwatch.

40k Conspiracy: The Deathwatch are Hiding Something


Even the Deathwatch guard ancient secrets. Who or what is behind the galaxy-saving Omega Vault?

Deathwatch: New Codex Tips & Tricks

Today we go deep inside the covers, in our world famous tips and tactics review, of the new Deathwatch Codex in this video!

What's New