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40K: 2nd Wave Necrons and Bits

MBG back with a little walk through of all the new Bits the Wave 2 Necrons have brought us!So I had a chance over the weekend to make bits items for all the new Necron Wave 2 kits, and have to say I’m pretty impressed. These models feature way better styling than the splash Space […]

40k Conversion- Necron Canoptek Spyder

MBG here with a low cost Necron Canoptek Spyder conversion for you to checkout.I got looking around the blog-o-sphere the other day for some inspiration on converting up a Spyder model, for an upcoming Necrontyr project. Eventually I ended up over at White Metal Games’ blog, clicking though all of his designs until I found […]

40K Conversion Corner: Necron Canoptek Wraith

Well another holiday break has borne more conversionary? fruit, lol. Check out my newest Necron conversion, the Canoptek Wraith. This little guy is quite an combination of bits, as I went a little over the top with it. But fear not- I’m positive there are great substitutes for all these bits out there on the cheap. Below […]

40k Conversion Corner: Ankh Pattern Necron Destroyer

Hey guys. MBG here with another one of my Necron conversions! Today I have the Ankh Pattern Destroyer. I hope you have enjoyed the ones I’ve done, they were really fun to make so far. Here’s a link back to the rest of them, with some tutorials for the majority. I dunno about you, but there is something […]

40k Hobby Necron Tomb Blade Jetbike Conversion

MBG back again with another one of my Necron Conversions. Checkout the version of the Tomb Blade (based off the artwork) I came up with.  While it’s not exact I think it conveys the look and feel pretty good. So first off, lets take a look at the art from the book that I based the […]

40K HOBBY: Necron Cryptek with Tremorstave Conversion

MBG here with how I spent last weekend; converting, lol. I messed around with all the new Necron bits, and made conversions for all the units not released yet – including this Cryptek with Temorstave conversion I came up with. He seems to be the one people are fielding in most their lists so I […]

40K NEWS: Games Workshop Necron Teaser Drops (Video)

And look what showed up exactly on schedule the week leading up to Halloween….  Hmmm, I wonder who it could be… via the Games Workshop youtube channel ~Look for the big drop this Saturday.  All our previous Necron teaser, models, and rumor coverage is here; rules rumors are here.

40K Rumors: Necrons Two Weeks Out

a new codex please… The birds are saying it will be a very *spooky* Halloween boys and girls – if your idea of spooky is bitter, well armed robots. Thanks to Eldargal for digging up this one:  “confirmed by my local GWS store, cant say who or they might face legal action lol, necrons annouced 22nd […]

40K Rumors: Necron Warriors and Immortals Info?

Stats on some toaster units are making the rounds on the tubes today.  Juicy stuff after the jump. via Warhammer-Basilisk Necron Unit Stats BoLS Lounge Hmm, overall it fits in the overall channel of what we have been hearing.  Fonts look correct. Points pricing seems believable.  I’m not sure if I believe T:4 on Immortals, and some […]

40K RUMORS: Necron Unit Rundowns

Some tidbits that have been making the rounds through the tubes of late on various Necron units: HQ – @7 named HQ models with 2-3 basic HQ choices. TROOPS-Immortals: 5 models for @90 pts, up to 5 more may be added.-Warriors: 5 models for @60 pts, up to 15 more may be added. 4+ save. FAST […]

40K NEWS: Necrons Signs and Portents

So we’ve seen harping for months now that the Necrons are the next codex to be updated.  A sharp eyed bird wanted to pass this little piece of info onto you: Take a look at the Necron Product Page on the Games Workshop site…. You guys notice anything that has been pulled in the last […]

40K RUMORS: Necron Monolith Edition

Another week and still more tidbits are out and about regarding the upcoming Necrons. This time we take a look at the dreaded Monolith. The Big Bad Monolith Returns The BasicsEveryone’s favorite lunchbox of doom is said to cost roughly 200pts, and keep its current 14/14/14 Armor all round. It is a Skimmer, Tank that […]

40K RUMORS: Necrons Awaken & Scarabs

Another week and yet more morsels are out and about regarding the upcoming Necrons. This time we get info on the updated fluff and the nasty new Scarabs. Updated Necron BackgroundNecrons have now fully awakened. All previously encountered Necrons were “bugs” in the reawakening program and were under the sway of the two rogue C’tan. Now fully […]

40K Rumors: Necron Vehicles

Some new tidbits are floating around out there for what is said to be the next codex arriving in Q4 this year. Lets take a look at the purported Necron transports… Transport ALPHA: Open-topped, Skimmer, 10 model capacity, AV:11 all round.@120 pts Transport BETA: Fast, Skimmer, 15 model capacity, AV:11 all round.@150 pts Transport GAMMA: Jetbike, […]

40K RUMORS: Tomb Spiders Tidbits…

Drip, Drip, Drip… The Necron rumors continue…  Today’s catch: Tomb Spider details Necron Rumor Thread (Lounge) (Caught a glimpse of the new necron tomb spyder) —It was definitely a Tomb Spyder, on a plastic sprue in two parts (i.e. two sprues). I wasn’t meant to see it, but I don’t want to get the person […]