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Warhounds, Monsterpocalypse, Nightvault, GW Classics, Warmachine Minis and X-Wing Resistance

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Oct 8 2018

What a weekend! We’ve got goodies for every system from GW from 40K, to Kill Team, Titanicus to Age of Sigmar. Then we get new minis and sneak peeks from Privateer Press, and X-Wing’s newest faction.

Privateer Press: Monsterpocalypse Is Out

Crush your cities, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their buildings. Monsterpocalypse is out for Wide Release, take a look inside.

Coming Next Week – Kill Team Commanders

Gather ’round ye mortals, and let us cast our gaze futureward, into a realm where the Commanders expansion for Kill Team is coming out, bringing 41 new commanders to the game.

Age Of Sigmar: The Nightvault Shifts – New FAQ Is Here

Warhammer Underworlds is one of the most competitive-balanced rulesets GW has written. Further tweaking and balancing are incoming with the release of a new FAQ that updates and refines the rules found in Nightvault.

HOBBY: Painting Adeptus Titanicus’ Legio Gryphonicus

Take a look at our brand new, fully painted Titan Legion, ready to rule the tables of Adeptus Titanicus. As a bonus, get Aventine’s recipe for painting them up.

Privateer Press: Warmachine – New Releases

Come see the latest releases from Privateer Press–the Crucible Guard Retaliators are powerful Warjacks, and their Trancers have strange powers from an unlikely source–can Menoth’s Exemplar Warder stand before the Llaelese releases?

40K: Speed Freeks Is Coming And With It A New Era For Orks

At least that’s what we’re hoping here at the BoLS office. With all the new Ork kits making their way to the eventual release of the Codex, we’re curious as to what this brave new world full of Speedwaaaghs!!! might look like.

GW: New Pre-Order Pricing & Links – Made To Order & More

There is a new batch of models up for Made To Order – plus some more goodies from Games Workshop! Check out what’s available for Pre-order this weekend!

Star Wars X-Wing: Previews of the Resistance

The Resistance Conversion Kit is on the way and Fantasy Flight Games is showing off some of the cards you can expect to see in the new set!

Meta Gaming: A Dominant Strategy Is Bad For The Game

When one strategy rises to the top of a game and becomes the defacto “winning” option, then you’ve got a Dominant Strategy – that’s just bad for the game. But fixing the problem takes some creativity.


Adeptus Titanicus: Warhound Scout Titans Unboxing

We got our hands on the new Warhound Scout Titans box – that’s right, there TWO in the box! Come take a look at what else you can expect from the tiniest titan!

  • 40K Lore: The True Power Behind The Waaagh!!!