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40K Superheavies, Lumineth Rules, D&D Neverwinter, X-wing and GW Upcoming Releases

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Jun 29 2020

This weekend was packed with 40K Super Heavies, AoS Lumineth rules and General’s Handbook 2020. Neverwinter & Meals in D&D, plus new X-Wing, and Pimpcron.

Pimpcron’s Wargaming Mid-Life Crisis

Pimpcron is molting as a gamer.

Star Wars: X-Wing – New Damage Decks Incoming

Fantasy Flight Games has brand new faction damage decks for all your favorite Star Wars: X-Wing Factions!

Games Workshop: Marketing To Kids For 30+ Years

Games Workshop has a decades-long history of marketing to kids. Don’t believe us – check this out.

Warhammer 40K: Super-Heavy Detachments Preview

Games Workshop has a new Faction Focus out for Imperial Knights – but the real highlight is the new Super-Heavy Detachment preview!

D&D: An Adventurer’s Guide To Neverwinter

Come visit the city where it is always either that only has three seasons a year – Spring, Summer, and Fall. But Never Winter.

Games Workshop Pre-Orders: Pricing & Links – Daemonifuge & Pariah Weekend

Pariah and Daemonifuge are up for pre-order this weekend from Games Workshop!

Age of Sigmar: Teclis & Celennar Rules Arrive

Lumineth Ream-Lords arrive this weekend with an new splash Army set. Let’s take a look at the highest of High Aelves – Teclis.

AoS: Stone Boyes and You – A Review Of The Alarith Models

Here’s a preview and some thoughts of the new Alarith Stonemage and Stoneguard for Lumineth Realmlords.

Warhammer Next Week: General’s Handbook 2020 Is Here

It’s a big weekend for AoS players next week. The newest General’s Handbook will be up for pre-order–come and take a look.


D&D: Five Tavern Meals That Aren’t Just Generic Fantasy Stew

Stopping at a tavern is an iconic part of any adventure–here are some great dishes that you can serve up in your game, no D&D cookbook required.


  • GW Pre-Orders: First Looks - Pariah & Daemonifuge Weekend