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Matt Mercer’s New D&D Classes, Laeral Silverhand, GW New Minis & ASUS does Gundam!

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Oct 18 2020

Matt Mercer’s got two new D&D Classes, meet Learal Silverhand, GW has new Blood Bowl & Warcry coming soon, plus ASUS & Bandai’s Gundam teamup!

Cosplay: Baldur’s Gate Minsc and More!

With the upcoming release of Baldurs Gate 3 on the horizon, lets take a look at some of the best Sword Coast cosplays! Go for the EYES, BOO!!!

Geekery: ASUS and Bandai Team Up for Gundam Themed Tech

If you’re a Char’s Counterattack fan and dig awesome looking gaming rigs, you’ll want to check this out.

Pimpcron: 9th is Not For Casuals

Pimpcron has some sad news for you all.

D&D: Matt Mercer Releases Two New Subclasses On D&D Beyond

Two new subclasses have hit D&D Beyond, taken straight from Critical Role Campaign 2–an all-new Paladin and Monk ready for adventure today!

Blood Bowl Second Season Edition Coming Soon

A new season of Blood Bowl is coming! Get ready for more blood and glory (but mostly blood) on the pitch.

Warhammer: Warcry Battletomes & Underworlds: Direchasm Revealed

Age of Sigmar is getting some updates to their popular side games. Warcry is getting a new batch of battletomes and Warhammer Underworlds has a new season!

D&D: An Adventurer’s Guide To Laeral Silverhand

Laeral Silverhand, Open Lord of Waterdeep, can be a powerful ally to adventurers she likes… and a dangerous enemy to those who threaten her.

GW Pre-Orders: Pricing & Links – Necron Monolith & More

It’s another batch of Necrons and Marines up for pre-order from Games Workshop this weekend!


Warhammer 40K Next Week: House Of Iron, Titanicus Retribution, And Legion Deathwings

From the gangs of the underhive to the mighty Titan legions, there’s something for everyone in the grim darkness of the distant future.

  • Pimpcron: 9th is Not For Casuals