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These Mighty Thor Cosplays are Definitely Worthy of Mjolnir

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Jul 8 2022

Thor: Love and Thunder arrives this week and we’re celebrating the return of Jane Foster with these Mighty Thor cosplays!

I’m the first to admit that Thor has never been a character who appealed to me. He’s the comic-book equivalent of the hometown jock who’s too clueless to understand tact. Though I’m a fan of a good romance story just like the next Jane Austen fan, I never quite understood the appeal for the blonde himbo from the brilliant Jane Foster. Jane is back in this week’s debut of Thor: Love and Thunder, and we’ve assembled a fierce team of Mighty Thor cosplays straight out of the comics to celebrate!

Mighty Thor Cosplay by Rogues Gallery Cosplay

The Gayest Thor Ever?

That’s the rumor on the street, at least. We know that Valkyrie is a confirmed bisexual character in the Marvel universe, we haven’t had an opportunity to see that represented on the big screen. Whether we will in the upcoming Thor installment is yet to be seen, but I personally would much prefer some chemistry between Jane and Valkyrie than I would a resurgance of Jhor. Or is it Thane? Whatever you want to call the Jane-X-Thor ship, I’m not here for it.

Mighty Thor Cosplay by FioreSoFen

We know that in this week’s debut, we will see the first scenes of Jane as The Mighty Thor. We don’t know where she has been or what has been happening in her storyline off-screen, so for backstory it’s easiest to refer back to the comics.

The full story of Mighty Thor!

Regardless of what happens in the story, the Mighty Thor look on Jane is FIERCE. She has the full armor and helm from the comics, and is accompanied by Mjolnir (much to Thor’s chagrin). There are several incredibly fierce Mighty Thor cosplays on display this week across the internet, and we have gathered a few of them for your viewing pleasure. We love a baddass lady warrior saving the galaxy, and we cannot WAIT to see Thor: Love and Thunder.

Mighty Thor Cosplay by Gracie the Cosplay Lass

I won’t be a goddess! I won’t stay in Asgard! It’s too horrible! Too unendurable! Don’t you realize how mad it is?!!

“Life’s candle burns too briefly not to live in the moment. Avengers! Until our paths cross again…”

With that hammer in my hand, I was the Goddess of Thunder. So I guess now the question is… what am I without it?

I don’t like having to sneak and hide. It makes me feel like I’m doing something wrong. But all I’m doing is what I swore I would do… When I was a little girl… standing over my mother’s grave. I hide because I won’t be stopped. And they would try to stop me… If they ever learned the truth. The world needs a Thor. That’s all that really matters. We need a God who understands what it means to be humbled. To be mortal. A God who knows how precious life is. How delicate. A God who struggles everyday to live a worthy life. Who suffers so that no one else will have to. A God who loves the Earth enough to die for it. I am Dr. Jane Foster. And I will not stop being The Mighty Thor. Even though it is killing me.” 

There must always be a Thor.

Mighty Thor Cosplay by FioreSoFen

“…may we strike with speed and fury this day. May the gods be with us all.

You wanna eat my hammer, lady? Then by all means… take a big bite!

The War of the Realms is not just a war of the elves. Or of the giants. It is a war that affects us all. A war that is moving from one realm to the next, setting them all aflame. Will Asgardia wait until its spires are burning before it responds? Or will you act now? Be the Gods the Realms need you to be! The Gods my people once worshipped! The Gods who inspired us to reach for the heavens and imagine our own place among the unimaginable. It doesn’t matter who came first or who made who. We need Gods! And you need us.

Mighty Thor Cosplay by Gracie the Cosplay Lass

I could tell her. How I was Thor. How I am Valkyrie. But Valkyrie’s not all I am. And if the secret gets out, it means saying goodbye to a relatively normal life as Jane Foster. And I’m not quite ready to stop being a doctor to be a full-time super hero. Why can’t I be both?

Come on. It’s our mutual day off… let’s go get some culture.”

Everything comes at a price. And I’m not a God, after all. I’m just the woman who sometimes saves them.

Not all are born with purpose, More. We need to find ours. It can be a hard and lonely journey.

I suppose there was a time when I was starry-eyed and lovestruck and the thought of someday being Mrs. Thor seemed the greatest dream ever. But then I grew up. Into a doctor. A mother who lost her child. A woman with a lump in her breast that tried to kill her. A goddess of thunder. An Avenger. A Valkyrie. I don’t dream much anymore. I don’t have to. I’m too busy living.

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Author: Jennifer Larsen
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