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Clint Weisgerber

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X-Wing: Out with the Old?

Clint Weisgerber 8 Minute Read Dec 9

Can the oldest X-Wing ships cut the mustard against today’s newcomers? Let’s find out! In two relatively short years we’ve seen X-Wing transform from a miniatures games with two ships for two factions into nine (!) ships for each without counting huge ships, repaints, and the coming soon third faction. As FFG strives to keep […]

X-Wing: Point-Counterpoint: Sportsmanship

Clint Weisgerber 8 Minute Read Nov 11

Does sportmanship even exist in X-Wing?  A recent incident has everyone asking questions. While you may or may not be an X-Wing Miniatures Tournament player, it’s hard to deny that events like Nationals and Worlds shape the direction the game travels from it’s loftiest, most competitive perches to friendlies at your FLGS against your pals. […]

X-Wing- The Damage Deck Explained!

Clint Weisgerber 8 Minute Read Nov 4

Is Critical Damage really worth it in X-Wing.  Read on to find out what the damage deck revealed?As the X-Wing Wave 4 meta trends back towards lower ship counts with heartier, high PS pilots, I think it’s time to ask a question. The question on my mind that day was whether or not Critical Damage […]

X-Wing- Deployment Schemes: 4-Ship Rebel Gambit

Clint Weisgerber 8 Minute Read Oct 28

You’ve read up on the rules, understand your pilot’s card text, and have synergistic upgrades in place- in short, you’re ready to roll. Just one thing first though- deployment!Here’s a 4-ship Rebel deployment I’ve used to pretty good effect in the past and a bunch of pretty pictures to (hopefully) illustrate how to utilize it. […]

X-Wing: Growing Communities

Clint Weisgerber 11 Minute Read Oct 21

As with any miniatures game, a community of involved and active players can help to foster a great environment for playing X-Wing which ideally will attract new players and help retain the veterans. What are some of the hurdles in the way and how can you overcome them? Read on! Having a tight-knight and supportive […]

X-Wing: Stress Relief

Clint Weisgerber 9 Minute Read Oct 14

Any X-Wing Miniatures player will tell you that successfully managing Stress is a necessary skill if you want to win, but what does that mean really?While it may have started out as a game mechanic to keep folks from just K-Turning all day long, it’s definitely morphed into something much more. Read on to find […]

X-Wing: Pickfoam Storage Solution

Clint Weisgerber 10 Minute Read Oct 7

One of the common issues X-Wing Miniatures players have is how to store their stuff. The solution I arrived at might just work for you too. What’s my setup like? Read on and find out! Whaddaya mean WE’RE HOMELESS? I just woke up! And where the hell are the rods for my gun? Back around […]

X-Wing: Let’s Check Out Rebel Aces

Clint Weisgerber 7 Minute Read Sep 30

As I’m sure most of y’all know, Rebel Aces became officially available late last week. Is it worth picking up if you’re an Imperial player? Heck, is it worth picking up if you’re a Rebel sympathizer? Let’s find out! When Imperial Aces was announced all the way back about a year ago, the question many […]

X-Wing: Scum and Villainy – Worth Your Credits?

Clint Weisgerber 8 Minute Read Sep 16

Is X-Wing’s newest faction worth picking up if you’re already playing Rebels? Imperials? Just getting into the game? Let’s take a look and find out! So by now I’m sure that all of y’all are aware that a third faction for X-Wing Miniatures was announced at GenCon a few weeks back, but is a whole […]

X-Wing: Selecting a Solid Squadron – The “Good” Ships

Clint Weisgerber 9 Minute Read Aug 12

Why do some ships seem to dominate the X-Wing meta while others sit collecting dust? Read on for my take! I’ve been rattling on the past few weeks about how to build a solid squadron in X-Wing Miniatures, but it occurred to me tonight that I’ve never really discussed the ships themselves. So at this […]

X-Wing: Selecting a Solid Squadron- Moves and Grooves

Clint Weisgerber 7 Minute Read Jul 29

There’s a lot more to a good X-Wing squadron than firepower.  Here what you need to know about starfighter maneuvers. I’ve covered a lot of ground the past few weeks on how to pick a solid squadron for X-Wing, but there’s still one very important topic left to discuss- the maneuverability of your chosen ships. […]

X-Wing: Selecting a Solid Squadron – Pilot Skill Tips & Tricks

Clint Weisgerber 7 Minute Read Jul 22

Mastering pilot skill can make or break your X-Wing Games.  Here’s what thou need to know: Another installment on listbuilding principles for X-Wing Miniatures, today we’re going to talk a little about Pilot Skill and how it interacts with the core rules of the game and repercussions for going with high PS, low PS, or […]