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Kirby: 7th Edition Scoring

Kirby 4 Minute Read May 14

7th edition rumors are running around and I don’t like to speculate but screw it, 6th edition was so frustrating at times that I’ll grab any floatsom in the hope of something shiny. Now we have no idea what 90% of the rules are like and a lot of this may change as we find […]

TACTICS: Deployment 101 Against Tau

Kirby 8 Minute Read December 10

Right – deployment. This is perhaps the single most difficult part of 40k to talk about yet along with movement, the most important to get right as they are the areas you have the most control over and thus how you can dictate games without relying on dice. Matt and myself over at 3++ is […]

40k Cover – The Basics

Kirby 4 Minute Read August 22

There’s a good chance you are capable of shooting more enemy models dead per turn. There’s a chance you’ve been giving enemies cowering in cover too high a save. Read on…There’s a chance you can get your basic squads to operate more like Snipers. And there’s a chance you can find ways to shoot enemy […]

40k – The Wave Serpent

Kirby 10 Minute Read July 17

The new Eldar codex has been out for a while now and with it has come the nice revival of the the Wave Serpent. Below is a post by Matt-Shadowlord from 3++ is the new black about the changes to the Wave Serpent in the most recent Eldar codex. I know the Internet tends to […]

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Tau

Kirby 3 Minute Read May 18

I’m still quite enjoying exploring the Tau codex and I’ve noticed several things which seem to trip people up so I thought I’d take a leaf from Puppy’s Mistake Mondays and do one specifically for Tau. I wouldn’t be surprised if many of these were changed with an FAQ but until then, observe :). Yes […]

40k FAQs – April Edition

Kirby 2 Minute Read April 23

A large group of new FAQs are out.  Games Workshop continues their nice trend of constantly updating the FAQs and answering some questions quickly for new books.They’ve done some for April again. First, they’ve identified areas where rules or options needed, wait for it, CHANGING. They’ve done this sporadically in the past but there are […]

Tau – The Fire is Starting to Spread

Kirby 2 Minute Read April 2

The codex is creeping out and we’re getting some solid rules information now…Summarised on 3++ linking to original sources. So some main things – Ethereals have army wide buffs and are the same price as before.Fireblade is 10 points more expensive and is an HQ with the improved shooting for a squad ability.Farsight does not […]

40K Homebrew: Zombiepocalypse Campaign

Kirby 3 Minute Read March 28

Nurgle Zombie Apocalypse is a 2 – 4 player RPG game based on the world and rules of Warhammer 40k 6th edition – from the Land Down Under Guest Article by Crynn from 3++ is the new black The game is focused on 2 – 4 heroes, each one controlled by a single player who […]

40K TIDAL WAVE: Latest Tau Pictures & Rules

White Dwarf and books are starting to come out and people have information for us!Check it all summarised here with the pretty new pictures from White Dwarf and confirmed rules in the comments section. The big thing of course is still the Riptide – a very solid statline (T6/W4/2+/5++), potentially W5!, and for the cost […]

New 40k FAQs: Answers & Game Implications

Kirby 4 Minute Read January 16

Games Workshop have released an update for the iPad (and followed up with proper FAQs a day later) version of the Necron codex that finally clarifies the rules for what happens to the transported unit when a Night Scythe is destroyed. by Matt-Shadowlord “If the Night Scythe is destroyed, the embarked unit suffers no damage […]

40k Editorial: Relax, Don’t Do It – When You See Daemons

Kirby 8 Minute Read November 30

So Daemons. Once again at the turn of an edition they are causing some waves amongst the community. Let’s be clear – this post isn’t about how awesome or how not awesome the list is or how bad or awesome people are who win/lose in relation to this “unbeatable list.” Rather, it’s a post looking […]

40K Tourney Report – Pure Grey Knights

Kirby 6 Minute Read November 4

Kirby here, with my thoughts on pure Grey Knights in Warhammer 40,000 6th Edition. Yes, I’ve been missing. I’m sure none of you have cared but for those of you who did, thanks? 3++ is back up and running on a new server with a new layout, etc. but we’re still working on the bugs! […]