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Noah Hallett

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40k: Battle Report! Eldar vs. Necrons 1250 pts

Noah Hallett 17 Minute Read December 20

 Hello Folks! NoName1 here, and I’ve got a big one this time – I recently played a game against NECRONS, an army I personally haven’t seen on a table since I played them in 3rd Edition. Very exciting! …Please forgive the LONG post  My buddy who started out with Ultramarines has completely switched teams and has […]

40K: Dramatized Skirmish Battle Report (Orks vs. Eldar, 500pts)

Noah Hallett 8 Minute Read November 12

Image courtesy of Hey Folks! NoName1 here! With a dramatic, hand-waving, picture-light mini-BatRep!I played a quick little 500pt skirmish game last night, and normally I wouldn’t BatRep a game like this, so I didn’t take any pictures – but since this game turned out AWESOME, I had to do a quick write-up.(Please forgive the […]

40K Taunting: The Art of the Warhammer Haiku

Noah Hallett 2 Minute Read September 27

Hey Folks! NoName1 here again, this time to talk about one of my favorite aspects of Warhammer 40K: Taunting!One of my most frequent opponents and I have a tradition. That is, when we’re itching for a game (whether we have one planned soon or not) we craft a suitably offensive Haiku. A Haiku, for those […]

40K: The End Times?

Noah Hallett 9 Minute Read September 11

With Warhammer: The End Times flowing out with a constant stream of Fluff- I mean, World-Shattering reveals and changes, it gets the ol’ brain juices flowing for us 40k players. Hey Folks! NoName1 here again, and right off the bat, may I give a giant shout-out to Majestic Chicken from DeviantArt for setting the picture […]

40K: Homebrewed Warhammer Weekend!

Noah Hallett 4 Minute Read August 31

One of the single greatest things about this Hobby is getting all of your gaming buddies together in one place, at the same time. Hey Folks! NoName1 here to, once again, talk your ear off about Warhammer! No, it wasn’t “The” Warhammer Weekend. It wasn’t a huge, GW funded epic event – this was our […]

40K: Starting a New Army!

Noah Hallett 4 Minute Read August 21

Model by JuroR, Hey Folks! NoName1 here again to cover that itching, driving need to start a new army – especially with new Codices and campaign books flying at us non-stop! We’ve all had it (any of us who’ve been at this for a while anyway) that gorgeous army you’ve poured your heart and soul into […]

Blood Bowl! Revisiting a Classic Game

Noah Hallett 4 Minute Read August 16

Image from the quite fun video game version of Blood Bowl from Cyanide Interactive Hey Folks! NoName1 here with, for once, a post *not* about my beloved 40K. Today, I’m here to talk about one of the least talked about offshoots of 40k/WFB: Blood Bowl! It’s a shame it’s not talked about more, really – […]

40K: Eldar Tactics – The Hemlock Wraithfighter in 7th

Noah Hallett 4 Minute Read August 8

Image thanks to Awaken Realms, over on NoName1 here with a quick tactics article, this time focusing on a unit that was almost entirely ignored in 6th, that may or may not be worth a damn in 7th. As often happens – especially since 6th sped into 7th without passing Go – many of the […]