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WFB: The Social Side – Gottacon 2015

Jen A 11 Minute Read Apr 4

  I love Warhammer. Warhammer is fun, it is strategic, it makes me think, it challenges my mind and skills, it gives me something to think about. What’s more than all of that, is that it is social.

WFB: Let’s Talk Bretonnia Part 1

Jen A 17 Minute Read Oct 4

From the Book of Jen: there’s not a lot really wrong with the way Bretonia is with our current book, but yes, even I want an update! When the Nagash/End Times announcement was made I had two emotions: anger because I still don’t have an updated book and smug satisfaction because I had insisted people […]

WFB: “When Ego’s Collide”

Jen A 24 Minute Read Aug 24

Team game play is a hot topic recently with ETC having just happened, but let’s talk about a non-ETC team event or two.In the midst of a meta where we no longer have as many Fantasy events run through official channels Fantasy players in many areas have been forced to shift, taking on the responsibility […]

WFB: The Future of Fantasy

Jen A 11 Minute Read Aug 9

Today I want to talk about the future of the hobby and what we can do to keep it bright! Hobby time and game time are a coveted time when you have a family and work to schedule around. I have talked about it before but it has been on my mind a lot again, […]

WFB: Return of The (tourney winning) Tomb Kings

Jen A 12 Minute Read Jul 19

Last time we talked Tomb Kings and people wanted MORE.  Be careful what you wish for! Apparently it was not enough to provide the army list that went along with the Tomb Kings that won Wet Coast GT, people want more. So I pestered Cody for more details to give you a bit of a […]

WFB: Tomb Kings Win It

Jen A 11 Minute Read Jul 12

Over the past several years I have not heard much in the way of good builds for Tomb Kings as a tournament worthy army. Well, Cody Jensen just proved that wrong at Wet Coast this last week. Wet Coast I talked about Wet Coast in my tournament prep article a few weeks back, but to […]

WFB: It’s Time to Play – Part 11: Gaming Etiquette

Jen A 9 Minute Read Jun 28

There is a proper fork to use to eat your salad when you are fine dining, and there is a proper etiquette to gaming. When I was a teenager I had the opportunity to learn the arts of fine dining and etiquette from a woman who was involved with training for Miss USA Pagents. We […]

WFB: It’s Time to Play – Part 10: They Are Just Dice

Jen A 3 Minute Read Jun 21

Dice Etiquette – Now this may sound like an odd topic for an article – but trust me! You would be surprised to realize how many discrepancies and arguments occur while playing Warhammer because of dice. Strangely enough in WFB there is an important etiquette that needs to be learned. Why? I was playing a […]

WFB: It’s Time to Play – Part 9: Tournament Prep

Jen A 9 Minute Read May 31

It is five weeks (less than that by the time this posts) until Wet Coast GT and I haven’t even settled on an army list yet, I feel disorganized and behind schedule but that is probably just me everyone else seems to enjoy being down to the wire and planning their lists or painting madly… […]

WFB: Time to Play Part 8 -Terrain Tactics

Jen A 11 Minute Read May 25

The dance of war has always been fraught with dangers, including terrain. It’s time to talk about Fantasy tactics involving terrain and finding a way to lose that fear or hatred of terrain that we have. I mentioned in Part 3 how I think fantasy players are a bit afraid to use terrain as a […]

WFB: It’s Time to Play – Part 7: Scoring

Jen A 6 Minute Read May 17

 Scoring in Fantasy is really quite simple: each scenario has a section called “Victory Conditions” that tells you who wins. Sounds simple right? It isn’t always so cut and dry though. I run tournaments and grand tournaments and I found it very interesting how I let the scoring of each be so very, very different. […]

WFB: It’s Time to Play – Part 6: Turn Sequence

Jen A 7 Minute Read May 10

The steps to each Fantasy turn is broken into four steps…which are broken into more steps…which are… Here’s a summary to help muddle through. It is helpful to note that although a turn appears to be fairly long when it is written out, they can go faster or slower depending on the armies on the […]