Games Workshop’s Next “Specialist” Game Should Be…

Games Workshop has quite the pool of games they can revive – but which one should be next?

We’ve seen a revival of Games Workshop’s classic “board game” systems in recent years. From the Hives of Necromunda, to the Pitches of Blood Bowl and even a “throw-back” to Warhammer Quest with TWO boxed sets. In fact, GW has quite a few “Boxed Games” in their stable currently. Years ago, these games would have been handled by their Specialist Games group – but now they have been rolled into the studio proper and we’ve seen the fruits of those labors with exciting new games like Shadespire.

Shadespire even has Organized Play!

We know that GW has been devoting resources to these “Boxed Games” and that got us thinking – if they were to go back into their catalog, which games would we want to see come back? So let’s go through them!

Adeptus Titanicus

This one has been in development for a while now. Last October we talked about how it’s gone MIA – that was after GW showed off some gameplay in February of 2017! We’re still hopeful that this game is coming but it’s been pretty quiet lately. It would be a shame if GW pushed this one back into the shadows.

Battlefleet Gothic

BFG has found a moderate amount of success in the Digital Realm with a PC game and a sequel already announced. And when Spartan Games sold off their assets for Firestorm and Hawk Wargames being bought by TTCombat the Space-Naval combat arena has a bit of a vacuum. While both Dropfleet and Firestorm ARE still available maybe this genre just can’t sustain a game. But maybe GW is in a stronger financial position to take that type of risk.


Mordheim was Necromunda set in the Old World of Warhammer Fanatasy. Now that Necromunda is back (and seems to be doing pretty well) I’m hoping that Mordheim might ALSO get a new lease on life. But the reality is that it’s got a LOT of barriers to overcome. First off, the city of Mordheim is no more. Oops. Secondly, Shadespire kind of fills the same space, (it’s a fantasy skirmish game). Thirdly, AoS already has “Path To Glory” aka skirmish warband rules. And finally, There is the possibility that it’s “better off” as a digital game due to other factors.

Then again, there are lots of things happening in the Mortal Realms. These type of Skirmish Games are also great introductions to the world and are great excuses to start up an “allied” contingent that might turn into a full army at some point. Mordheim, rebranded of course, could be one more gate way into the AoS universe.


Inquisitor was a pretty bold experiment for GW at the time. It was a 54mm scale game and had a model range that was ALL METAL, ALL THE TIME. I’m not sure if that was one of the big hurdles for the game, but perhaps GW could revisit the idea with plastics. The technology has come a LONG way since 2001 when the game came out. The idea of a super detailed 54mm plastic kit sounds pretty darn awesome to me! We’ve seen what GW can do with the big kits for AoS/40K…just sayin.

Epic Armageddon

Anytime we start talking about “old school” games, Epic 40k comes up. I can’t blame the fans because it was a solid offering at the time. Heck, we have hopes that Adeptus Titanicus might usher in a new dawn for the game. It’s a game that just won’t seem to go away in one form or another. The time might be ripe for a comeback!

However, we can see why GW has been avoiding it for so long. There is the fear that it would cannibalize 40k sales – if that’s true or not is debatable. There is also the idea that players will use it to play Pocket 40k, which I personally thing is kind of awesome anyways. There were/are some other questions about production of the miniatures and the quality of the details – but again, the technology has come a LONG way and creating everything in plastic should be doable these days. I mean how could does this look:


Warmaster is basically Epic for Warhammer Fantasy. And for many of the same reasons Epic sticks around in conversation, Warmaster tends to pop-up too. Unfortunately, it never really took off or had the popularity of some of the other “specialist” games. It’s really a LONG shot for this one – AoS doesn’t even use ranks which were kind of a big deal in Warmaster. Still, if players can convert Epic to Pocket 40k, I’m sure GW can convert AoS from 28mm to 8-10mm, rules wise. Plus, this just looks impressive:

Check out more at The Epic Gamer


So what “Specialist” Game would you want to see return from GW? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

  • Ronin

    Battlefleet please!

    • vlad78

      Battlefleet AND epic.

      • marsultor

        And integrate the two!!

        • orionburn III

          Along with Titanicus!

          • disqus_HUXMdKxsPG

            And warmaster

        • Talos2

          Not just the two, campaign systems should be created that incorporate them with 30k/40k games to create Relevance to them all. If they really want the specialist games to be a success I think it’s the only way to really sustainably do it. Turn them all into separate divisions of 1 overall narrative

          • LankTank

            I have a Plague Fleet and a Death Guard army and my friend has a Marine Fleet and a Mantis Warriors army. We often have a game of BFG where the following 40k game is influenced by the winner

      • Swimpackus

        Epic could piggy back off of Titanitcus?

        • Jeffrey D. Gordon

          That’s how it started ❤️

      • Manuel Bateman

        seriously try dropfleet commander. its like gothic but better paced and balanced.
        and dropzone commander is really comparable to epic

        • vlad78

          It is, but bottom line is always finding players. It’s like trying to play 40k without 8th edition, it’s hard.

  • Silverbeast

    Definetly battlefleet, there is a vacuum thats waiting to be filled. Look how succesful SW armada is.

  • benn grimm

    Yes to all the above and I’d add Man o War to the list, right at the top.

    • LankTank

      I would ask them to let FFG have the IP back to continue Conquest and Forbidden Stars! God they are SO good

  • Talos2

    We already know why titanicus went quiet. They were always unsure about whether they would give a high enough budget to have plastic rather than resin kits. We know that was heavily hinted that they finally decided to go plastic last Warhammer fest, so It inevitably then had to go through a more complicated production process. Its a shame we’ve still not seen anything really, but I’ve no doubt it’s coming

    • ZeeLobby

      I wonder if this delay will impact how Specialist Games is seen inside GW though. I mean one has to assume they’ve worked on stuff and content, but have yet to produce any real profit.

      • Talos2

        All specialist games are still very early on, I’m not sure if gw have ever given a detailed analysis of their profits to know how each has specifically contributed to their increasing profits has it?

        • ZeeLobby

          I mean they have to have some good indicator for BB. They release quarterly reports, so they are tracking it, guaranteed.

      • briandavion

        generally speaking I nthink GW is in a finanically strong eneugh position right now to make a few experiments.

        • ZeeLobby

          I would hope they take the risks. They were some of the best games back in the day.

          • briandavion

            I do too. what I mean when I say that is specialist games could flop or they could be a HUGE sucess, and this is something GW could and really should engage in. if a new AT ior BFG is sucessful eneugh it could become a new major game for the company. if it’s not… they can proably absord a blow

          • ZeeLobby

            Agreed. Again it just depends on perception of management. GW tends to invest very little in things that don’t result in direct profit. Only recently has that mentality somewhat changed (FAQs, painting videos, etc.). I’m sure this is fine while profits climb, I’m just wondering what happens if GW has to report a poor quarter for some reason, are specialist games going to get cut? That’s all I meant.

          • briandavion

            yeah, and I hgope rather then cut specialist games they’ll cut partiuclar ones if they flop. if blood bowl is doing well but BFG has flopped just cut BFG. just for example

    • memitchell

      I wonder if there isn’t a blurring of focus. The leaked AT models were as large or larger than 40K Dreadnoughts. So, closer to 40K knights. But, not as impressive. There was a very simple WD game that used only knights. With AT titans not as impressive as knights, and knights already having a game, there isn’t a lot of daylight between AT titans and knights.

      • AEZ

        Not sure I agree with this interpretation, pretty sure I do not. I think those games would be very different.

        • memitchell

          The devil is in the details. But, from afar, a knight-sized titan is a rose by another name.

      • Talos2

        The well known mini warlord was no more than drednought size. And at least in my opinion, far more impressive than a knight. Im Not sure what knights have got to do with it tbh

  • ZeeLobby

    Mordheim, Warmaster, Epic. Any of those 3 and I’d be super happy. BFG would be OK, I just still enjoy the old one, and am not sure I want them messing with it XD.

    • Talos2

      WArmaster? I’d be amazed if they redid that. It wasn’t exactly a success then. The chance to reclaim the old world would maybe create interest I guess

      • ZeeLobby

        It was pretty big here on the East Coast. I mean do we know it wasn’t a success? All GW’s games came and went eventually.

      • JPMcMillen

        It probably wasn’t as successful as they were competing directly with WFB for the same kind of battles (blocks of dudes fighting other blocks of dudes).

        It would probably be a lot more successful now then it was originally. Especially if they kinda borrow from Kings of War and eventually include rules for both fantasy and historical armies.

        • Zethnar

          There already was a historical version of Warmaster back in the day.

  • David Millard

    I know it was a joint venture with Milton Bradley and won’t ever happen due to this reason but a revamped Hero Quest based on the American version would be awesome.

    • Bakvrad

      I think that actually happened at its birthday. But it was way too expensive and somehow not quiet the same 😀

      • David Millard

        Yes something did happen but it wasn’t official and was only available in spain or by mail order from the company based in Spain I think.

  • Kabal1te

    Bring back warmaster, keep the rank and file, set it in the old world.
    Make it WFB on the scale WFB should have always been (give me historically accurate rank and file at least rather than the ridiculously small rank and file blocks of WFB that would fail in any real conflict) Let’s see if there is truly as much mileage in the old world as people that complain about its end claim, or if it flops again.

    • ZeeLobby

      Wow. This. Just completely this, haha. Give me Total War on the table.

      • silashand

        Heck yeah. I would play the crap out of that.

    • silashand

      I’d play it. I have 9 Warmaster armies as it is. Great game.

      • Kabal1te

        I would play it too. Fantasy tabletop begs for something on the scale of the battle of minas tirith rather that the silly small forces WFBs scale and rules allowed for. Don’t get me wrong. I played WFB, I still have and love my tomb kings, and have refused to put them on circle bases for AoS. That said I like AoS at 28mm scale better and enjoy my AoS games more than I enjoyed WFB. I think however at a more appropriate 6 or 10 mm scale a rank and file proper wargame in a fantasy world would work much better.

        • silashand

          I liked 6th edition WFB better than most subsequent games (and before the army books broke the system). I have tried Kings of War and it is a decent replacement, but doesn’t seem to have the depth of WFB. JMO though. I have yet to play AoS, but I am intrigued by it now with the General’s Handbook since the rules are almost identical to the new 40K which I really like.

          As for Warmaster, it was an excellent system. I think people were put off by it being an off scale (10mm) rather than 15mm which is what most folks I spoke to wanted. Personally I can live with the 10mm scale, but I do think slightly larger with more detail would have been better. The rules though were outstanding. Still one of the best command and control systems I have come across in a game.

        • silashand

          Oh, my Tomb Kings have a new lease on life in Kings of War. The Empire of Dust as they are called are actually really fun in that system and they don’t suffer from being the ugly step-child army that the manufacturer never seemed to want to update.

    • Simon Bates

      It seems more likely that they would adapt it to the AoS lore. Which might be great for AoS, especially in giving it a more convincing sense of scale, that there are more than just small warbands skirmishing with each other. It would make it viable to have a real fleet of Kharadron Overlords, or a herd of Ogre-ridden beasties in a way that the AoS rules would struggle to handle.

      • Kabal1te

        Your mention of needing a more convincing scale that needs allows for more than just skirmish forces was my main problem with WFB. Sure units in WFB pretenfed to move like big army units, but they just werent and to me it looked silly to watch and felt silly when playing and I couldn’t help but think many times about the advantages of breaking formation save that the rules didn’t allow it. I accept AoS as a game is skirmish based, so is 40k. At 28mm scale that’s the best that can be managed. I don’t think GW wants to tackle a true war game. I would love something like that myself but the market is pretty bare. There are a few 15mm scale offerings but even that if you ask me is too big. Even flames of war players complain 15mm scale is too big for them and talk about 6mm scale for proper armies to be fieldable. There isn’t a 6mm scale fantasy game that I have seen anywhere though.

    • Wonderdog

      100% This. keeping the old world as the rank and file game, in 10mm (or even 15mm if its a full re-do) would keep the ranges different and complimentary.

  • Algernon Bumbry

    shadespire and mordheim are two entirely different animals mordheim is almost an rpg it plays best in a long campaign with leveling.

    • adamharry

      I agree – but it’s still a Fantasy Skirmish Game. And while I would love to see it get a new release, Between Necromunda and Shadespire, I don’t think it’s very high on GW’s To-Do list.


    Battlefleet for sure. That would force my wallet to open. That and a sanguinius primary. Model.

  • Tarsal Wizard

    I still pay way too much money on Ebay to collect Warmaster units…it is a solid ruleset, and I’d love to see the classic range reproduced!

  • BaronSnakPak


    40K already has skirmish, medium, and apocalypse gameplay formats, with plenty of vehicles and walkers. Give us spaceship combat, please.

    • Zethnar

      Lets be honest here though. 40k apocalypse is hardly viable in terms of money and time. A game mode that a majority of people cannot play simply because they don’t and can’t own the required number of miniatures might as well not exist.

  • Evan Griffiths


  • orionburn III

    At the HH weekender it was reported that BFG is coming back this year. Unfortunately not much other than that (this being reported from Spikey Bits). And we all know following the success of games like Blood Bowl it got them to rethink the approach to releasing AT and that resin only models wasn’t the way to go. IIRC they even had an article on BOLS last year explaining the delay and the reasons for it (now having to fit it into a production schedule, new tooling, rescaling some things as resin and plastic behave differently, etc).

    I want BFG more than anything but super stoked for Titanicus.

  • silashand

    In order:

    1. BFG
    2. Warmaster
    3. Mordheim

    The rest are cool too, but if I had to choose I’d go with the above.

  • SonoftheMountain

    Epic and Titanicus seem to be really similar to me. Can someone explain how they’re different?

    • memitchell

      Titanicus is mostly Titans. Giant walking machines. Battletech on grander scale. Epis is that, plus infantry and vehicles. Less emphasis on titans, more on like 40K action with larger formations.

    • The_Illusionist

      Titanicus is a self-contained board game, like Execution Force or Shadespire; you buy the box and play the game from beginning to end and you don’t need much else. There will be expansions, but you won’t NEED any of them.

      Epic/Warmaster are like 40k and Age of Sigmar – you collect large armies of various units and interchange them between games. There’s always more stuff to buy, which will change the meta and require you to buy even more thereafter.

    • Lord Blacksteel

      Way back, AT was the original game in that scale with styrofoam buildings and 6 plastic titans. The rules were fairly detailed and they only covered titan vs. titan combat. A little later Space Marine came out and added “everything else” – marines, land raiders, and the various races in expansion books.

      With second edition they went to a simpler (read “playable”) set of rules and “Epic Space Marine” came out first and covered titans and the other stuff all in one box. There were still expansions to flesh out each faction and add new stuff and then the second big box release as “Titan Legions” which added in even bigger titans with a return of some complexity to run them.

      So when people talk about bringing back AT or Epic there’s a pretty good chance you’re going to get both titans are one of the main reasons to do an epic scale game in the first place, but titan-only fights get a little boring after a while.

    • NNextremNN

      Epic is the name of the old very small scale model game. Titanicus is teased for quite some time now and tries to review that but in a bigger scale then epic but still smaller then 40K. Also Epic had a large model range while Titanicus currently only has plans for Titans.

  • SilentPony

    I’d actually love to see Fortress Monastery Simulator, circa Roller Coaster Tycoon.
    Just a fun, casual game where you’re the builder and organizer of a Chapter Fortress. You never fight, never actively command the Space Marines, just organize cooking, cleaning, the workshops, training halls, recruitment, etc…

    • memitchell

      Settlers of Caliban?

      • SilentPony

        The Fang Tycoon!

    • HeadHunter

      They released the Arx Tyrannus expansion pack but it bombed.
      (Too soon?)

  • AEZ

    Necromunda has specific gangs GW can make some additional profit on next to the base set… Mordheim will likely be played by many with stuff they already have…

    • Simon Bates

      Yeah, it’s basically a themed campaign for Path-to-Glory, though that in itself is not a bad idea. It’s be easy enough to relocate to a city in the Mortal Realms, Hammerhal has obvious potential. Or just release rules for urban fighting, that can be bolted onto P2G and or AoS main.

  • BeardMonk

    I loved 54mm Inq. I would come back to play it if the rules were of the right quality and detail. I would be interested in playing BFG, but again it would have to be a good, strong detailed rulebook with all the factions in it.

  • memitchell

    You know what would be cool? A modern interpretation of Advanced Space Crusade. Marine Scouts raiding a Tyranid Hive Ship.

  • marsultor

    The biggest vacuum IMO is a space fleet game. You wouldn’t have the 40K ground wars if it were not for a space fleet anyway. Likewise, it’s better to intercept an invasion fleet _before_ they reach your planet. So my hope would be BFG along with a real integrated campaign system for raising fleets and 40K armies. I don’t know why they never put capitalized on that last time. Oh, and also make it simultaneous move and shoot (like the fan based rules that work so well).

  • Bigalmoney666


  • zeno666

    Warmaster Ye Olde World

    … and an updated version of Space Crusade.

  • Chris

    Brewhouse Bash.

  • generic eric

    Dark future

  • Ryan Miller

    BFG BFG BFG has BFGs!

  • PrimoFederalist

    Mordheim was probably my favorite GW game of all time, however, I vote for BFG. Easy to tie into campaigns, the universe wasn’t blown up, etc.

  • Simon1701e

    I would like Dark Future to return, we need a postapoc carwars game in gw land.

  • autonoise

    Adeptus Titanicus is coming, I think BFG will be next on their list.
    Of the rest I think Inquisator is most likely, I’m not sure there is an appetite for epic scale games within GW (unfortunately).
    I’d love a rethink of man-o-war too, just something completely different than everything else they have out

  • Dave

    Thanks for featuring my High Elves. For those interested, Epic, Warmaster and Necromunda are still alive and well in New England and at Adepticon. Get in touch with me on my blog for more info:

    Or if you need rules:

    Or miniatures:

  • SmilingNid


  • Koopsta


  • Spade McTrowel

    MAN ‘O’ WAR!!!

  • NihlusX

    Definetly would be happy with either Battlefleet or Inquisitor

  • Dusty

    Chainsaw Warrior!

  • Before Necromunda was even announced, I told my wife that IIwould preorder it, and so I did. Battlefleet Gothic is another game I couldn’t play when it was released I am just waiting for GW to announce it to gladly give them some good money!

  • AnomanderRake

    Aeronautica Imperialis. Give us the dogfighting game of maneuver without the silly mess of card-combo shenanigans that X-Wing has become.

  • Alienerd the unbannable

    Gorkamorka with new plastic trakks, buggies and koptas just in time for a new codex release! Pretty please *puppy dog eyes*

  • VOX

    Where the Freak is Titanicus?!!! WHERE?!!!

  • Monkeybrains

    Inquisitor but in 28mm please.

  • Vanders

    Warmaster AND Mordheim please.

  • piglette

    New game please.

  • Vosh Sahaal

    Warhammer fantasy.

    • NNextremNN

      That’s called Age of Sigmar now ;P

      • Vosh Sahaal

        Different games.

  • TheWanderingJewels

    I miss Epic. Had a Nyd Army

  • Jordan Holt


  • JayBiga

    I ran an independant retailer when Epic was already out in one of its many incarnations, and Necromunda was released. I was in charge of a number of GW stores when BFG, Mordheim, Inquisitor and Warmaster were launched. Despite crushing the Mordheim target through presales about a month before its actual release, non of these games were actually as big a seller as many seem to think. Necromunda and BFG were the most played. Mordheim had and still has a small but very dedicated following, but Inquisitor and Warmaster were just duds. I wouldn’t expect those two to be relaunched. Mordheim might do well if done like Necromunda. One of the biggest barriers to entry for that game was the sheer amount of scenery you’d need for a game that small. That also applied to Necromunda, but that scenery could easily be used for 40k games as well, which did not work with Mordheim scenery and WFB, because too much scenery hindered the movement of the big squares of troops.
    BFG has a good shot at a revamp. Scales well from small unit actions, to full on fleets, no need for a ton of scenery, so a very low barrier to entry. And it’s set in GW’s most popular IP. Though I can imagine GW being hesitant, as it could be seen as going head to head with x-wing and armada. Personally I think there are enough people that would be interested in one and not the other to justify a revamp.

    Can you imagine what a modern sculpt of the Emperor class battleship would look like…

  • marlowc

    Personally, I’d like to see Man O War back. Those ship models would be awesome today, especially done at a slightly larger size.
    However, if GW are serious about developing proper, competitive, tournament-worthy games that don’t suffer from the hopeless scale distortion problems of 40K, and AoS – then Warmaster, and Epic could do it for them?

  • Fredddy

    I would not want to start a 40k or fantasy game anything else but in 28mm scale- no matter how cool the rules are. A new scale needs new terrain and it is completely lacking the conversion parts.

  • Stonewall

    How the heck do you forget and leave GorkaMorka off that list?!?!?

  • Deathwing

    Battlefleet. Even just a 1 off box game with good core rules that can be supported by PDF updates for all the old BFG ships would be amazing.

  • DeliciousBishop

    I always loved the artwork on the Mordheim boxset

  • palaeomerus

    Gorkamorka: Squashin’ Beef ‘An Earnin’ Teef.

    • palaeomerus

      Also bring back Warhammer Historicals even if just as PDFs.