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Hordes: Baldur the Stonecleaver Does More than Play with His Rocks

baldur image

  Let’s go on a deep dive and talk about Circle’s most dependable, versatile caster that you aren’t using. Want to start playing Circle Orboros? Need a caster for your next Steamroller? Look no further than Baldur1.

Warmachine: Christmas Releases & Who Got the Best Present

Today we rate the 12 Warmachine-Hordes Factions of Christmas models on who had the best Christmas!

Warmachine: November Dynamic Update Review

  Warmachine and Hordes is up for a big rules shakeup from November’s dynamic update. We break it down today.

Privateer: Circle Enters the Company of Iron

Privateer talks using Circle Oroboros in the newly released Company of Iron.

Privateer: New Circle Orboros Theme Force

Check out this Blackclad filled theme force for courtesy of game dev Will Pagani.

Warmachine: Best of the Best – Circle Orboros Warlocks

Ranking the top three Circle Orboros Warlocks in Warmachine and Hordes.

Warmachine: Is Sentry Stone the Best Unit Ever?

Is the Sentry Stone the best unit in the game. We make the argument for it today Warmahordes fans.

Circle of Orboros: Una the Skyhunter Rules the Air

  Una2 is officially out. She already had a legacy of tournament victories. Here’s why.

Circle Orboros: Kaya the WildHeart

Circle has it’s first cavalry caster and she is a beastmaster. Let’s take a closer look.

I’m HOOKED! Circle of Orboros’ Loki

Circle has a new character warbeast with a big chain and a bad attitude. Check LOKI out.

Privateer Press – February New Releases

Mercs & Trollbloods & Circles, oh my! Take a look at the newest hotness from Privateer Press!

Warmachine Errata: Circle-Menoth & More Review

Privateer finally ended the Una2 crusade, leaving a stream of bodies, broken dreams, and noob wins behind her. Here’s the errata breakdown.

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