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Space Marines New Minis, Lock & Load Reveals & FFG

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Jul 17 2017

What a weekend! From Primaris mini reveals, to X-Wing, so much from Lock & Load 2017 and a controversial 13th Doctor.

40K: A Wild Primaris Aggressor and Reiver Box Appears

Time to bust out those Primaris Pokeballs, two new boxes have appeared.

Geekery: The 13th Doctor is Here

The 13th Doctor has been revealed!

40K Teaser: Inside Codex Space Marines

What to expect when you’re expecting Codex Space Marines.

FFG Releases: X-Wing & Runewars

FFG has a big set of minis for X-wing and Runewars just hitting the shelves. Get your wallet ready.

40K: 8th May Have An Alpha Strike Problem

Early metas and feedback from competitive plays point to an issue with turn 1

GW New Products & Prices: July 15th

GW’s latest goodies to hit the shelves are here – come get em!

Privateer Announces “MiniCrate” Miniatures Subscription Service

Privateer just announced a monthly subscription service aimed at hobbyists and collectors.


40K: New FAQs Out

Come get the new FAQs for all your Forge world units – hot off the presses.

Lock and Load Roundup

Loads of new announcements from Lock and Load. Here’s a recap

40K Deep Thought: The Other Chapter Tactics

We’ve seen the Ultramarines rules, what does that mean for the other major chapters?

~You’re all caught up – onto the next week!

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