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Necromunda Returns, New Marines, 40K RPG & More

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Aug 14

It’s been a BUSY weekend wargamers. We’ve got everything from a NEW NECROMUNDA, to Forge World minis, to Privateer, D&D and Starfinder goodies!


40K RPG: Wrath & Glory Announced

It’s time to explore the Grim-Dark from a different angle with a brand new RPG – it’s Wrath & Glory time!

These Starfinders are Mere Pawns

Flesh out your Starfinder campaign with these new pawns from Paizo.

GW: New Releases August 12th “Pricing & Links”

Primaris Inceptors Ahoy! It’s time to lock-and-load for the Emperor! Come see what else GW has out this weekend!

FFG: Twilight Imperium 4th Edition Announced

Fantasy Flight Games announces a new and improved edition of Twilight Imperium!

40K: Grey Knight Relics Ranked

The Grey Knights are now out and about – let’s talk about the Relics of Titan!


Privateer Press: August New Releases

More Grymkin and their hauntingly gorgeous models arrive…

40K Breaking: Necromunda Returns!

Necromunda is back in a big way. Come take a look.


40K: Forge World Open Day Roundup

The Forge World Open Day has come to an end. Check out the latest pics!

AoS: General’s Handbook 2017 Preview

Take a look at the upcoming General’s Handbook 2017 and accompanying releases.

~You’re all caught up – onto the new week!

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  • 40K Breaking: Necromunda Returns!